Moses Kuria Using Luo Nyanza to Shore Up His Badly Dented Image

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There’s no difference between the County Aggregation and Industrial Parks that CS Moses Kuria is launching in Luo Nyanza and the Public Wi-Fi that CS Eliud Owalo is launching.

How Kuria, a hateful, toxic character who openly called for the assassination of Raila Odinga, is being given the red carpet in Luo Nyanza but CS Owalo, or Interior PS Dr Raymond Omollo, homeboys, are still being snubbed by ODM, and mainstream Luo leadership, is utter hypocrisy.

When I say we, the Luo, will be out for another 50 years, it is because of these contradictions.

We embrace others but sabotage our own. We’ve been politically conditioned to destroy our own.

Kuria is using Luo Nyanza to shore up his badly dented image. Barred from the US and having to co-share his ministerial responsibilities with Adan Mohamed, now the top trade official in President Ruto’s US tour, coming to Luo Nyanza at this point to co-launch projects with governors of Raila’s party is his way of telling the Americans that all is well.

If we can embrace Kuria, with all his toxic tribal insults toward us, for Christ’s sake, let’s also embrace those of our own.

Dikembe Disembe is a political researcher and writer

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