What was this Kid Doing in Maigo’s Home for Four Hours?

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The brutal killing of Eric Maigo in his home in Nairobi is reprehensible and very scary. The man was stabbed twenty-five times in the chest, the face, and the stomach. It is painful just reading what this guy went through. Nobody should ever have to go through that brutality.

But one question has bagged me all this time following up on the story. When I saw the picture of the killer, she looked like a young teenage girl in very simple clothing and you could see this is a person from a poor background. It happens that Eric Maigo brought this girl to his house in the rich people’s place in Woodley.

Neighbors who later identified Maigo’s body told the media the two came to the house around 2 a.m. and had loud music for a while then by 6. a.m. they heard groans from the House and a few hours later Eric Maigo was found dead and the killer had escaped and was caught on camera.

Since her picture came out a big hunt has been launched for her as should be. In fact, a lot of members of the public through their comments in newspapers after reading the story want her dead like yesterday. There is a real possibility that if some public members catch her they could just kill her.

The question nobody has asked is why did this man take a teenage girl now reported to be between 15-17 years old to his house for what sounded like a party to the neighbors. What exactly was Mr. Maigo doing with the teenager? Was he having sex with her? Was the little girl being sexually molested in any way, shape, or form?

Is it possible that the teenager killed the victim as a response to being sexually abused by the guy?

Given the viciousness of the killing, it was a very angry situation.

Or was this teenager trying to rob Eric Maigo and decided she had to take him out completely?

All those things are possible and my hope is that the kid is arrested and can tell her side of the story before someone kills her out there. Also, the DCI is saying the teenage girl just completed her KCPE in 2021/22 at Dagoretti Approved School. She must have had a disturbed past and was being rehabilitated.

It doesn’t look like she is the kind of person the deceased picked up in a posh bar somewhere but more likely in the streets in the slums of Nairobi and we all know what that is done for. That is when the big boys want sex with teenage girls and because they are paying a few pennies for the sex they would do anything they want. The person being abused in such cases is just a commodity the abuser can consume whichever way he wants.

My best wishes to the family of Eric Maigo but we all need to get to the bottom of the story to give justice to both parties.

Miguna Miguna is right on the money.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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