Majoritarianism Does Not Work and Will Someday Lead to the Collapse of the State

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Some ODM MPs (first term) have visited The Great Helmsman, Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga, with the message that ‘mumesema hamtaki handshake’.

I did not send them so I am not part of those hawataki handshake. And for lack of a better word, those MPs are delusional. But I understand them. Everyone is trying to survive.

I want handshake.

This country already realized the Kalenjin and the Kikuyu alone cannot run government to the satisfaction of all. The government as presently constituted is 70% Kalenjin/Kikuyu and 30% the rest of Kenya. This arrangement is untenable, and is the reason for much of the country’s national stagnation.

The Grand Coalition Government is credited with many feats, including passing a new radical constitution, because it involved everyone. It pulled the country out of a precipice, expanded national road system, set up SGR layouts, massified higher education, laid agricultural reforms and set the country for take-off.

Then Uhuruto, like a curse, happened…

Be that as it may, Kenya has proven that majoritarianism does not work and will someday lead to the collapse of the state. What works in Kenya is another type of political organization known as ‘consosciational democracy’.

Handshake is consosciationalism. Whereas the current crisis in Kenya is not due to failure of ‘elite consensus’, but rather ‘class struggle’, the solution is in stabilizing the core first, then addressing the fringes.

Study Uhuru’s regime and you will realize he was only able to gain national legitimacy after he brought in the opposition in an arrangement that allowed him to regain control of the entire state.

Had Uhuru men stopped plundering, and used the cover provided by ODM to run a corruption-free government, Uhuru’s last term in power, already more edifying than his first term, would have witnessed massive progress.

Political parties are formed to exercise power. Political parties are not civil society organizations. It is not a must that a country must have an opposition party. Kenya was ‘de facto’ one party state between 2008-13 and it still achieved remarkable progress.

ODM is wasting some of the country’s best brains by keeping them out of the rooms where government policy is negotiated. People like CPA John Mbadi would be very effective Treasury mandarins. Someone like Dr. James Nyikal would have greatly assisted in the ongoing doctor’s strikes.

You can’t keep your best human resources out of power eternally, replace them with mediocrity and expect miracles. Okbichalonu.

The Senator for Migori County is hereby directed to rush back to Baba and push for HANDSHAKE or else he risks being a ONE TERM sineta.

Dikembe Disembe is a political researcher and writer

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