U-Turn: Mudavadi says BBI wasted three years, public resources

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Musalia Mudavadi says the flopped BBI project by President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga was a waste of public resources, as well as time for three years.

Speaking in Nairobi at the Friends Church on Ngong Road, the Amani National Congress (ANC) leader also lauded the court of appeal’s decision to kill the initiative, saying it was good for the country and showed our institutions were independent.

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”It was a waste of time and resources. Leaders should understand we are not a one-man choir. Unless everyone is involved, it will be a political elite document and not one that addresses challenges facing mwananchi,” Mudavadi said. This is despite the ANC leader being part of the BBI process for the last three years, and publicly appending his signature to it.

Today’s remarks by Mudavadi are coming a day after he called on Kenyans to shift focus on pressing matters like the recovery of the economy and how to manage the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on livelihoods.

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‘’ANC abides by the court of appeal ruling and unanimously as a united people focus for we cannot leave a dream forever, we have to wake up from the dream and move on,’’ Mudavadi said.

The ANC boss noted that Kenyans should re-start a proper conversation in trying to salvage what is useful in the BBI arrangement after the Court of Appeal ruling declared the BBI process unconstitutional.

He further said Kenya was a democracy built on the basic tenets of separation of powers, respect for the rule of law and independence of the Judiciary, which affirms the confidence Kenyans have in the Judges in interpreting the law.

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 ‘’ANC is convinced that whereas the court points at some sticky issues in the proposed Bill, there are equally very useful proposals for our nation and people can salvage,’’ Mudavadi said.

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