MP Ngunjiri Wambugu: Ruto just lost the presidency with the BBI ruling

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Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu says the Court of Appeal ruling affirming the BBI process was illegal complicates Deputy President William Ruto’s bid to be president in 2022.

The MP says Ruto now has only one Executive position to negotiate with for political support from other regions and this position (the Deputy Presidency) must go to the region he expects to get the highest votes from, which is Mt. Kenya.

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”But can he really offer Mt Kenya the DP slot? I doubt he can. This is because if he offers Mt Kenya the DP position he will lose #ALL his other allies from other regions, as they will rebel against the historical significance of another Kalenjin/Kikuyu ticket. But if he doesn’t – and I don’t see how he can – he stands to lose a significant portion of the diehard Mt Kenya vote that’s currently with him. Starting from the current TangaTanga leaders around him,” the MP says.

The MP notes, William Ruto needs a large portion of the Mt Kenya vote to win the presidency and will have to convince the region with a lucrative position, and the only available one is that of the DP.

Reacting to the BBI ruling, the Nyeri Town legislator says Mt. Kenya’s 2022 expectations just got defined, and anyone seeking their vote must now guarantee their interests.

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”The 2022 Mt Kenya expectations have just been defined. To get the Mt Kenya vote one must now guarantee that their government will deliver what BBI was meant to deliver to us,” the MP says.

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