Jimmy Kibaki: My father gave the president his ‘Uhuru’ name when he was born

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Former President Mwai Kibaki is Uhuru Kenyatta’s godfather and he is the one who proposed the name ‘Uhuru’ to Mzee Jomo Kenyatta when the current president was born in 1964.

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”My father is President Kenyatta’s godfather, the godfather of Jomo Kenyatta’s favourite son. When the young boy was born, my father is the one who suggested the name ‘Uhuru’ to Jomo since Kenya was in the cusp of independence. When Uhuru walks into a room, my father lights up. He loves seeing his godson,” the young Kibaki says. 

Jimi, who is the third president’s firstborn son says he and the Kenyattas grew up together and even went to the same school and has known Uhuru Kenyatta since he was three years old.

”Uhuru, his brother Muhoho and sister Nyokabi and we the Kibaki children went to the same kindergarten, the same primary school, and the same high school. I’ve known Uhuru since I was three, more than 50 years ago,” the former president’s son continues.

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The bond between the two families is very strong to the extent former President Kibaki almost lost it when he learned some officials in government had attempted to block Uhuru Kenyatta from going to State House, at the height of Kibaki succession politics in 2012.

”Those supporting Musalia even managed to block Uhuru from reaching the President. When it came to my attention I went and told the President and the State House Comptroller was almost fired on that day. That was one of the few times I saw my father shouting. He was very upset,” the 53-year-old is quoted on a local publication.

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