Turn Uhuru into Kenya’s enemy number one: Is that a winning strategy for Ruto and Mudavadi?

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Can the relentless demonization of President Uhuru Kenyatta help Ruto get into State House? As we know Ruto’s politics is always about fighting “madimoni” somewhere. In fact, at one point Mudavadi was one of those demons.

But Ruto has thrived on the politics of finding someone to demonize as he portrays himself and Saint William.

Often Raila has been that handy demon. Now Ruto has to demonize his boss President Uhuru Kenyatta and that seems to be Mudavadi’s specific job description.

Ruto knows that portraying Uhuru Kenyatta as the devil incarnate in Kenya may not sit well with his supporters not just in the Mt. Kenya region but in the whole country.

So he needs help on beating up his boss to a pulp. In comes Mudavadi the handyman for the job.

The other day in their second joint rally in Bungoma, Mudavadi lamented that he left OKA because Kalonzo and Gideon Moi were afraid of President Uhuru Kenyatta. In other words, Ruto wanted a pot mouth to put a lot of shit on Uhuru, and Mudavadi told him he had the mouth and the pot and was ready to load it down on the president.


In their first joint rally in Nakuru, Kenyans heard more about the bashing of President Uhuru Kenyatta as the worst ever president in Kenya, than they heard about what Ruto and Mudavadi intend to do to make life better for Kenyans.

The attack on Uhuru was on steroids this time. The message to Kenyans was that they get rid of Uhuru Kenyatta and confine him to the dumpsite of history and all problems Kenyans face will be solved mara once.

Strangely, the same Ruto who blames Uhuru for all the problems in the country often sites the projects the Uhuru government had successfully implemented as a proof of how good their government has been, and tells voters he is the only one who can make sure all the good work President Uhuru has done is completed under his government.

Ruto wants it both ways as he often does with everything in his life and politics. Fight corruption and be the most corrupt politician in Kenya’s history. That is Ruto.

Fight against the 2010 Constitution mobilizing a failed NO vote and now be the champion defending the 2010 constitution as a gift from God. That is Ruto.

For Ruto, what is good for him must be good for the country because he, William Ruto, is God’s personal assistant with the task of saving our country from evil.

As Ruto said, Raila does not love God so he had to part ways with him or risk annoying God. At the same time, Kalonzo Musyoka according to Ruto is God loving so he was ready to work with Kalonzo.

The next day Ruto is complaining that Kalonzo has followed Raila for so long that Kalonzo has lost his hair in the process. What in God’s name does Ruto want Kalonzo’s hair for? He has a lot of hair dancing for him at his Karen home/church/statehouse. Is that not enough?

Let’s look at the issues that President Uhuru is being attacked about and determine for ourselves where things are and how to fix them.

Number one is the debt our country faces today.

Mudavadi was very adamant that President Uhuru and his government where Ruto is the Deputy President of course has ruined the Kenyan economy by plunging the country into massive foreign debt through borrowing.

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Do we have a debt problem in Kenya? Yes, we do. How can we solve it?

According to Ruto and Mudavadi, we solve all that problem by making Ruto our next president and Mudavadi his fixer in some way even if Mudavadi is reduced to being an MCA somewhere.

Here is the problem and Jirongo explained it very well in Kitui at the OKA rally. In 1992/3 when Mudavadi was in charge of the Kenyan economy as the Finance Minister and William Ruto was the minister of everything under the Moi government Kenya officially went bankrupt as a country for the first time ever.

Kenya could not pay its interest on debts. The economy totally collapsed and millions of Kenyans were thrown into complete ruin with no food, no medical services, no jobs, and no means to survive.

The international donor community which had salvaged Kenya many times were stunned with that development but more so the donor countries could not accept to be part of Moi government’s vehement abuse of human rights of killing and jailing people fighting to a free nation and they cut off the loans.

Kenya became a real hell on earth and that was under the watch of both Ruto and Mudavadi. In fact, in the 1992/3 economic collapse of Kenya supervised by the likes of Musalia Mudavadi and William Ruto, President Moi was forced to make a trip to the US to plead with President George Bush to help him.

After the visit when the Moi entourage came back to Kenya, the government of Nyayo slaughtered Dr. Robert Ouko in one of the most heinous assassinations in Kenyan history which actually marked the beginning of the end of the Moi regime.

The state agents of terror shot Robert Ouko in the head. Then they broke both his legs. They then took him to Got Alila and set his body on fire to burn it all out of existence even as a dead body.

Then the Moi government claimed this was an act of suicide by Dr. Robert Ouko. Kenyans were asking what happened first and what followed. Did Ouko shoot himself in the head first? Then he found the energy after blowing his head to break his legs. And with no legs and no head, Ouko was able to make it to Got Alila and wrap himself up and burn himself.

The Moi government’s excuse for slaughtering Dr. Robert Ouko was beyond insulting to the intelligence of Kenyans and they rejected it wholesale and launched demonstrations all across the country demanding justice for Dr. Robert Ouko.

Many ordinary Kenyans who had never been in the streets to protest against the Nyayo regime came out everywhere and even Moi knew his time was over.

And guess who were the kingpins of this rotten and deadly government. It was none other than William Ruto and Musalia Mudavadi. Those were the kingpins of that treacherous government and now they want to save the country from Uhuru Kenyatta.

In fact, it was during that exact same period of time that Ruto launched YK92 to loot the country’s finances and help in the beating plus killing of Kenyans fighting for a democratic country to end a one-party state.

And now the same Ruto wants to save our country from the allegedly dreadful Uhuru government and promote democracy in Kenya, something he actually killed Kenyans for fighting to achieve. Ask Reverend Timothy Njoya who was beaten to near death and left bleeding after a brutal attack at Uhuru Square by the Moi police and YK92 militiamen.

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And talking about deadly militiamen, Ruto has created a new militia group whom he is hiring as bodyguards for people like Mudavadi.

ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi attending UDA, ANC and Ford Kenya Bungoma rally on Friday, January 28, 2022.

You see the fake security dude behind Mudavadi and Gachagua in some kind of military uniform and wearing big shades. These are paid Ruto militia squad and if he was to be our next president, Kenyans will be paying these militia thugs as Ruto’s alternative security. Who wants to live in that kind of country?

We have been there before with the Kanu youth wingers and later on YK92. Nobody is going to take our country back into that era of darkness and misery for Kenyans.

So Ruto and Mudavadi platform that Uhuru is evil and they will clean his mess just doesn’t add up. It is nonsense and now it is up to the Azimio team of Raila Odinga and President Kenyatta themselves to ask Kenyans to compare their records on them to that of Ruto and Mudavadi in government for more than 20 years.

It is up to Raila and President Uhuru to ask Kenyans to compare their record on the economy, human rights, and building democracy in Kenya to that of Ruto and Mudavadi. It is night and day and the choice is obvious.

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It is up to Raila and President Uhuru Kenyatta to mobilize Kenyans to reject a revival of a regime run by the twins of corruption, theft of public resources, bankrupting the Kenyan economy, and massive abuse of human rights and suppression of democracy in the country because Kenyans already know where that took them and they sure don’t want to go back there.

In terms of the Kenyan economy the damage done by Moi and his boys, Mudavadi and Ruto, put the lives of Kenyans in total chaos for ten years from 1992 to 2002 when Moi was finally removed from office and President Mwai Kibaki with Raila Odinga as Kenya’s Prime Minister revived the economy to lift Kenyans from the nightmare they were living through. Those are the stubborn facts and Kenyans are going to look at them as they go the polls in August 2022.

The other phony thing we have seen is the Ruto double face. In Nakuru in a joint rally, Ruto was talking about Mudavadi and even Wetangula being given the chance to run for the presidency in the UDA/ANC ticket.

The next day in Kiambu Ruto told the rally there that Mudavadi and Wetangula will make it very easy for him to go to State House as the president. Ruto’s message in Kiambu was that he has those two amigos to help push his wheelbarrow to State House and they were doing it for free.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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