KNEC: Sudi has never stepped inside a high school classroom

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The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) principal examinations secretary Nabiki ene Kashu says Kapsaret MP, Oscar Sudi did not register or sit the 2006 KCSE examination at the Highway Secondary School in Nairobi, like he has been claiming.

The PS, while testifying in a forgery case against the UDA legislator disclosed the certificate possessed by Sudi was not a genuine document issued by KNEC.

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”In the letter, we were asked to authenticate whether such a candidate sat his KCSE in the year 2006 at Highway Secondary School in Nairobi in November and awarded certificate serial number 3381074 under index 401006/081. We also established that a candidate by the name Sudi did not appear in the 2006 Knec database for either Parklands Secondary School or Highway Secondary School,” the eighth prosecution witness told magistrate Felix Okombo in Nairobi.

According to Kashu, after checking the KNEC database, they discovered that the code 401006 did not belong to Highway secondary but Parklands Secondary School. The code for Highway Knec records show was 401005.

At the time of the MP’s claimed registration to sit for KCSE in 2006, the court was told there was no school called Highway High School in that year’s KCSE examination. The code for Highway Secondary School in 2006 was 401005 and not 401006 as indicated in the purported copy of the KCSE certificate possessed by Oscar Sudi.

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The PS, who has been working with the exams body for close to two decades now explained it was impossible for two candidates to share an index number during KCSE, just like it was not possible for two schools to share an examinations code, and as such, Oscar Sudi’s documents were forged.

”There is no possibility of two schools sharing a code number during a given examination. Similarly, there is no possibility of two candidates sharing an index number. The purported copy of certificates presented to Knec for authentication purposes is obtained from a forged document,” she said.

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