Can President Ruto Arrest Raila? He Can’t Because He Knows Raila Is Telling The Truth

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Some of Ruto’s die-hard cronies like Ahmednassir Abdullahi are furiously demanding that Raila Odinga the Azimio leader be arrested immediately for inciting the country against Ruto with documented evidence of voter theft.

They are out of luck because if Ruto was ever to get Raila arrested by the IG Koome to be investigated on the stolen theft election dossier it will be proved that the information Raila is providing to Kenyans is correct and true and that indeed William Ruto did not win the August 9, 2022 presidential elections. Imagine that. Ruto cannot let that happen and that is why all the talk about arresting Raila is dead on arrival as far as Ruto is concerned.

The other day the new DCI boss indicated he is about to start investigating Raila on the IEBC whistleblower data he has availed to Kenyans. Nobody is talking about that now because the Ruto government is terrified of the whole dossier being proven to be correct and if the DCI goes there, that is exactly what will happen.

The new DCI had this to say to the media about his office investigating Raila:

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) is looking into the authenticity of the files Azimio la Umoja One Kenya released on January 18 to support claims that the opposition alliance emerged victorious in the August 9, 2022, presidential elections.

In a letter seen by the Sunday Nation, DCI chief Mohamed Amin is seeking to establish if offences of “forgery” and “falsification of documents” were committed in the release of the dossier that accuses the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) of rigging the election in favour of President William Ruto.

“In the last few days, the directorate has received numerous correspondence and complaints relating to information circulating online which is attributed to the IEBC,” Mr Amin writes in the letter addressed to the IEBC chief executive. 

“Our attention has also been drawn to documents alleged to be official results of the presidential election.” 

Manipulation, forgery

He says the interest is in investigating what Azimio claims are genuine forms 34B, particularly the alleged irregularities and inconsistencies in the watermarks featured in the IEBC documents.

“The directorate is investigating the validity and authenticity of the documents in question, in addition to whether offences relating to forgery and falsification of documents have been committed,” the letter says.

Since issuing that statement the DCI boss Mohamed Amin has gone dead silent about the investigations. He must have got a harsh phone call from his boss William Ruto telling him to never ever even think of doing any investigations on Raila on the election results because it might just unravel the real bad truth for Ruto. The DCI was told to shut up about investigations. It is a tough set of reality for Ruto fake tough boys like Abdullahi.

“We are such a banana Republic that Hon Raila and his ilk can contra-legally challenge the state endlessly, break the law of the land and we can’t do anything,” Abdullahi said.

Raila has issued a decree and marshalled his supporters to push back against President William Ruto and his regime which he says is in office illegitimately.

He says he won the August 9 polls with 8.1 million votes against Ruto’s 5.9 million votes and has since called on the President to resign.

“We defeated Ruto with over 2 million votes and even if we were to go back to the polls, we shall defeat him again,” Raila said on Sunday during a rally at Jacaranda grounds.

During the Jacaranda rally, Raila insisted that Azimio’s resolve to push Ruto out of office was unstoppable.

“The Ruto-led UDA regime must go. No handshake, no deals, no agreements, no retreat!” he said on Sunday.

Abdullahi said it’s about time the inspector general of police Japheth Koome instituted investigations against Raila’s actions and pronouncements.

Ordinarily, threatening to overthrow a legitimately elected government amounts to treason, a crime punishable by death under Kenyan law.

“If the rule of law was alive in Kenya, IG Koome will open a police inquiry file, investigate the shenanigans of Hon Raila and his associates and pass the police file to the office of the director of public prosecution Noordin Haji to make a decision,” the lawyer said.

Abdullahi was, however, quick to point out that this may prove to be a monumental task given the influence and Raila’s stature which previous regimes failed to deal with.

So here we have Ruto a whole president on paper and his friends mad that Raila Odinga and Azimio leaders are breaking the laws of Kenya, but they are too scared to do anything about it. No William Ruto is not scared of Raila Odinga. Ruto is scared of the truth and the laws of our country.

That is a terrible place to be when you are the alleged president of any country. Now even Bwana Asifiwe cannot offer much help from above. The earth can be very hard sometimes. Ruto realizes that now. Even with all the guns and the powers of the state, he cannot stop the truth from reaching Kenyans about how he stole the elections. And that is all Raila’s fault. No, it is not.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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