Anne Waiguru: President Uhuru and I still tight

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Governor Anne Waiguru says her friendship with President Uhuru Kenyatta is unchanged and has not been affected in any way following her defection from the Head of State’s Jubilee Party to his deputy’s United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

Speaking to a local media house yesterday, the Kirinyaga governor said despite supporting William Ruto for the presidency, President Uhuru Kenyatta is her long-term friend with whom she has a tight relationship that cannot be destroyed over political interests.

”President Uhuru does not control people. He will be finishing his term in a few months and he knows the reason I moved to UDA. He wishes me all the best in the path I have taken,” Governor Waiguru said.

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Despite her friendship with the president, the governor chided the ruling party saying it had lost touch with the common Kirinyaga people and that this was one of her main reasons of decamping to UDA.

“Lack of connection with the ground is one of the reasons I left. Kirinyaga people felt a disconnect with the party and nothing was being done to revamp the ruling party,” she said.

In 2015, President Uhuru Kenyatta had to clarify that he is not in love with the Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru and that he had one wife and people should not force another one on him, rekindling a similar situation that President Kibaki found himself in, when he was forced by his wife, Lucy, to clarify that Mary Wambui, with whom it was rumored they had a child, was not his wife.

“There are those who keep on making wild allegations claiming that Waiguru is whatever to me, or so many other things, but I have mine and I don’t need another one,” President Uhuru said on 16th November 2015 Eldoret during a stopover rally, in response to claims he was not willing to kick out Anne Waiguru from her then graft-ridden Devolution docket.

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