”Your brother is romantic than you are,” my wife’s bombshell

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A happy marriage is the one that the two couples complement each other in terms of love and anything else like supporting each other financially, psychologically, and even emotionally when one of the couples is down. I have been living with my wife Stela for the last 8 years where we have two kids where both are girls.

Like any other marriage, our life had been with a lot of challenges as always expected so ours was not an exception. I had a younger brother who was still a student in the university and so sometimes we would visit him with my wife each particular time we thought it was necessary.

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Most of the time my wife had an extended conversation with my younger brother each time we visited him. They went to the point of sharing contacts for further communication. As time went by my wife started calling and texting him. One day as my wife had gone to take a shower I happened to go through her phone where I got wonders. She had texted my younger brother that he was such a lovely person and maybe someday she was to offer him something even bigger.

I went on reading the text messages and there was also a series of love emojis that the two had really sent each other. Surprisingly my wife had told my young brother that I was just a lazy born when it came to satisfying her in bed and therefore she was to offer him a chance to power her engine since she had a sex dry spell that really wanted to be cast by a person that was a guru.

I did not bother asking her about it but I just kept quiet and pretended everything was in order for I wanted no argument with her at that particular time for I wanted things just to work out in our marriage. One Saturday my wife said she was going to visit her parents and so I let her leave the house. She had overstayed for a week and so I took the step of calling her but the line said she was busy most of the time. I decided to call her parents where they told me that she was not around and she had not informed them that she was to visit them. I guessed and took the step of visiting my brother’s place.

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When I reached there, I found her sitting by my younger brother’s coach wearing lingerie exposing her thighs. I knew they had some sex and now it resting time. The atmosphere in the house is also revealed. I also saw pregnancy prevention pills by the table a clear indication that the cookie was broken. She shouted to me that my brother was far miles away when it came to romance.

I just walked away from the house for I wanted zero commotion. When leaving my younger brother’s place, I met Jack where I shared my story with him. He was really amused by the incident and so he said he had a solution to ensure everything was in order. He introduced me to herbalists called Kiwanga doctors. The following day I went into their offices ready for redemption.

I was attended to and later went back home. After two days my younger brother called me saying he wanted us to meet and end this sin for once. We met where he apologized plus my wife really wailed for an apology. From that day my wife has never repeated since I had improved my romantic game since I was given sweetening oils which really have played important role in ensuring that I remain romantic each day. We are now living happily with my wife as that love was once restored.

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