How a Night Runner Transformed into a Top Businesswoman in Town

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We lived in Kisii County in the southern part of the Nyanza. My dad had died a year ago of cancer as we were told and written on the eulogy. We were really struggling since we were 3 kids in the family and mum had no stable job. She was into farming bananas on a small piece of farm that dad had inherited from our grandmother.

Our uncles and aunts hated our family and I had on several occasions overheard them planning to overthrown us from that land. My mother was always stressed plus poverty lines degraded us a lot. At times we would take water and call it a day. We had no money to live lavishly. We dropped out of school due to lots of fee arrears. Our dad was the breadwinner and since he was dead, we were really facing difficult moments.

Some family friends would laugh at us but some brought by some foodstuffs to share with us since we were really a starving family. We wore rags and no one wanted to be associated with such a less fortunate family. We were seen as social outcasts.

What was worse is that our relatives wanted us to leave with immediate effect from our homestead. They would at times throw objects on the roof while we were asleep just to scare us. Sometimes they would even kill a hen and leave it by our door and in the morning we would find it by the doorstep. This was just meant to scare us to leave our homestead. We had no one to talk to nor defend us other than our dead dad.

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Each night I woke up and headed to my mum’s bedroom for I had nightmares so she could pray and then I would get back to sleep. I was really shocked one night when I had nightmares, I headed to my mum’s bedroom and opened her door slowly. I could not digest what I saw. She was wearing a short and in the furthest corner, there was a pot which seemed to have been cooking something going by the smoke that was coming out of it. She was standing bent by the pot and uttering some words as if she was talking to dad. I stood there for about 30 minutes trying to figure out what she was into but all was in vain.

I was shaking for I had not seen such before. I wanted to go back to sleep but the drama kept me at a standstill. After sometimes she realized someone was in. She was shocked to find it was me. She told me she was doing that to keep us safe from any harm plus she was continuing what dad had left behind.

This shocked me to hear our dad too did this. She told me not to reveal to the other siblings as it would torment her. After sometimes she came out of the room it was about 3 am, and when I followed her she would disappear in the dark running at a supersonic speed. She was truly a night creature. No one amongst my siblings knew this only me.

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They would wonder why mum slept too much during the day. I knew it is because she had a busy night and so resting in the daytime was the only way to relieve her. Each time we served hot food mum would walk with hers to her room and made it be cold as it is said night runners did not take warm or hot dishes.

She always wanted us to take super by 5 pm as she knew that when it reached 6.30 pm there was a bit dark and actually ample time for her night running activities. Since I was following all her steps, in her room she would even behave if she was pumping herself to get ready for work. I wondered if mum was doing this of my dad who was a guru in this field. Mum would carry paper bags full of dust to throw on people’s roofs. It reached a point that I had to reveal to my elder brother to find a solution to it.

I was shocked because someone would even have killed my mum on her way to night running. We decided to visit my grandfather who was living a bit far from our homestead. Despite his old age, he seemed to be talking fluently. We informed him of mum’s night activities and he almost fainted. He told us he had a solution and we should take one of my mum’s clothing because she would not have accompanied us.

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We were directed to Kiwanga Doctors’ offices in Kericho as my grandfather had directed. We addressed our problems and everything was done and later released to get back home. On reaching that home that night, we were shocked to see my mother just sited by the stool at 9 pm keeping in mind those were her time for the night runners club. She seemed jovial.

We knew the Kiwanga Doctors’ magic had worked. She later said she had abandoned night running. A year later she opened a business of milk vending in town. The business grew as all my other siblings were employed there. Actually, I was the CEO of the milk processing company. I really thank Kiwanga Doctors for their help. I advise anyone with life challenging problems like night running and would wish it ends to visit Kiwanga doctors for assistance for they solve in a fast and complete way.

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