Our local leader was caught stuck in a vehicle having sex

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Our political leaders are always viewed as good examples in society and really a good reflection of
what society needs to emulate at any particular time. Recently, this has been the opposite. I come from a certain ward in Nairobi county, which I will not mention for security reasons. My friend Dan had been married to a lovely wife who worked as an accountant in the constituency development fund (CDF) in our constituency.

She was a loyal wife and Dan never complained of anything fishy from her. She always arrived home on time and did her house chores with no complaints. However, as time went by, the wife started to change from her usual behavior just days after being promoted to be a PR assistant of our local MCA.

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No one would ever imagine Dan’s wife would change as time went by. She started to come late in the night with an excuse of her working hours being extended.

Something fishy was really cooking. She even bought a car and not just any vehicle but a luxurious one. Each time I visited my friend he appeared to have fallen into a deep depression. He did not talk as usual and already had noted that his wife was actually walking out of their wedlock. She was not only cheating with any person but the area MCA, who had bought her the luxurious car which she lied she had bought from a loan mortgage.

I had no words to tell Dan rather than encouraging him to take heart since that was part of marriage life and challenges were prone. During weekends, his wife was at times picked at their gate by a very expensive vehicle to take her to work. Dan wondered which government office worked til the weekend.

Other than this, the wife would be called late at night, which really amused Dan. He tried to investigate who really was after his wife but he came out with no evidence. He went to the point of deploying his wife’s colleague to help him investigate but it was all in vain.

One day I came through a website www.kiwangadoctors.com which had testimonials of spouses who were not loyal but were at last helped by Kiwanga doctors to regain their loyalty. I shared with Dan and the next morning we
were at Kiwanga Doctors offices ready for help. Dan is my good friend and I was not ready to
see things go amiss on his side at any particular time.

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He was attended then went back home to wait for the results. Three days later while on his way from work, Dan was attracted by a large crowd around a posh vehicle, which had caused a traffic jam. When he came near, it was the area MCA’s vehicle which had refused to open, but they seemed naked and having sex with a lady. Dan was shocked to find it was his wife at the scene and who was really riding the MCA.

Their vehicle refused to open and they seemed to be suffocating. When Dan saw this, he panicked and called Kiwanga doctors for he had really caught the culprit. The herbalists ordered the MCA to pay an amount of 100,000 to get relieved from the vehicle. His officials came and paid the amount and later they were free.

Dan’s wife was apologetic and from that day they lived happily with zero cases of disloyalty to each other.

This story was not covered by the media since the MCA cashed out lots of money. Dan’s wife later got another job in a different institution.

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