How My Poultry Farming Business Became Profitable after a Year of Making Losses

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Sometimes dealing with the death of a family member is never easy as people want it to be. It depresses everything and that’s what happened to me two years ago. I lost my father and things came to a stop. This was a month after I had lost my mother too and I couldn’t take it in by myself. Tragedy struck all at once and I was left alone. I had to think of many things at once with the top list being where I could get money from.

One of my first approaches was to employ myself and thus, I started a poultry farming business in my quarter-acre piece of land. It was hard bringing something from the ground to make it work but with my determination, I knew someday it would outgrow many poultry businesses countrywide. My business gave me a chance to prove to everyone that we are all able.

All was well for the first days and through my ledger books I could predict the possible outcomes. I had learnt a few lessons from my parents like preserving my dignity and my family name, perseverance, honesty and kindness and that’s what I brought to my business. At least this made me earn a living. I could buy an evening bread and that was okay. I kept fighting and never allowing any situations to stop me from keeping it up and through this journey of self-healing I was able to take care of myself. I was determined to make it all.

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My poultry business was doing good for almost a year now and I was making a lot of profits. Being an entrepreneur seemed profitable enough for me, although on other nights I would sleep tired and stressed up. My Chickens were doing good and I followed the morning and evening routine of feeding them. For the small chicks, I would buy a starter that was not that much expensive and would give them a high rise in body build by two weeks.

Things were so good until one morning I woke up to a ‘cry day’. Half of my chickens were dead and I couldn’t really get to know what was happening. I had called a vet to examine but he didn’t seem to get any problem. The remaining layers reduced the number of eggs and they would go almost a week without even laying an egg. I was always ready for the bad days but this had hit me differently and hard. I had the heart to accept the situation but for this, I couldn’t.

I bought different medications for my chickens but it wasn’t working this time. I could feed them daily like I used to but there was no difference, they never laid eggs like they used to. I decided to sell all the broilers and layers I had and replace them but when I bought new ones, they found it hard to adapt to the new environment. It took almost two months before the new layers had started laying eggs. it was a continuous process for two weeks when all of a sudden the layers stopped laying eggs again.

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Too many people who start up a business account are never ready for the losses and that’s why their businesses fail. But as for me I was always ready for anything and was always willing to risk several months or even years for the great years ahead. I always felt overwhelmed and beaten by this situation, and no matter how I prepared myself for a new change in my business another loose end opened and I would lose it all.

My business was now losing this and I was operating at losses. I watched different tutorials from YouTube about poultry farming and how successful entrepreneurs dealt with various obstacles. I also went ahead and joined different clubs for entrepreneurs so as to be educated and one time. I learnt that a successful person always learns to get back up as soon as possible and that it was always okay to mess up.

I learnt a lot through the way but every time I tried making it work it wouldn’t improve my business. On May 21st, 2018 I stopped rearing chicken and started another business. I started doing farming and I did vegetables and fruits. I took risks and I knew many people did this, so it was just a matter of determination. I kept on pushing beyond my boundaries and strived to excel.

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I was in pursuit of great money and for this, I always appreciated and admired every little thing I did. I appreciated every little money I got. It was not for long before my business started falling like the previous one. I tried fixing things up but it was in vain. My idea was to build a business where people would appreciate everything. A business where people would feel more welcome every time they visited or had an encounter.

I started changing my perception and building a negative reputation when my business did fall completely. I lost all hope in business and decided to find a place to go and work. During my daily walks, I saw this poster along the road about Kiwanga doctors and with this, I was able to call them and mark a calendar date to go and check out.

It’s been two years since I had an encounter with Kiwanga doctors and my problems were fixed. I own 8 hectares of land and I have two pick-ups for farm production delivery. I also have more than eight hundred chickens on my farm and every month I collect more than 100,000 shillings from them. Thanks to Kiwanga doctors for fixing all my problems.

Kiwanga doctors help to fix hardships in businesses, promotions at work, or even good and bad luck. They help heal different diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, syphilis as well as tummy decreases. In addition to that, they cast spells like black and white magic. I would advise anyone with any kind of problem to visit Kiwanga doctors

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