How I won an election without even knowing the political class

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As always for one to win an election, he/she must have at least one or two top political personnel who must endorse them or at any particular time fund them for success in politics. This has been the norm especially here in Kenya. Without a political godfather, you are just but a small boy, and your political ambition would be viewed as a dream always. I was a businessman in Nairobi County. I used to deal with the selling of different vehicle spare parts as my source of income.

Since I was a young boy, I had always admired being my area member of parliament. Each time I told people I wanted to be a Member of Parliament, many people despised me calling me such a coward where even some said I was just a pacesetter who did not use his money well but deep in my heart I could not imagine I would die before becoming my area member of parliament.

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I had tried several times without clinching the seat since it had all the challenges. Some of my competitors invested high in the field like hiring a lot of vehicles, helicopters and even giving money to the masses especially during a political rally where everyone who attended had a chance to walk home at least with some coins in the pocket which were meant to lure them to sell their vote. This really gave me some goosebumps since I had not so much money to share to the public as a way of convincing them I needed their vote.

The election was held and I had the guts that I would emerge the winner when it came to the Member of Parliament seat without even the masses knowing me. As the time for airing the final results came, I sat by the front seats to wait for my name to be mentioned as the winner of the Member of Parliament slot only to find my name lagging behind. I was actually the last one among eight other candidates. I did not believe I could get that kind of vote because it was my first time and so I gained confidence.

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After sometimes the court nullified the election saying there were some irregularities. It was my ample time to come back strong than before. Every candidate went back on the ground to seek reelection from the public. That’s the time I met Justin a friend but a politician who had won a seat in Mombasa. He told me he had a solution that would help me clinch that seat easily with no struggle. I adhered to what he said and that’s when he introduced me to Kiwanga doctors.

I visited the herbalists and addressed my concerns. I was attended to and at the same time assured that I would definitely clinch the seat with no struggle at all for the herbalists had to experience in the field. I went back and went on with my campaigns. When the date for an election came, I voted and stayed home just to wait for the final result from the electoral board. It was 8 pm when the returning officer started announcing the results and he really announced me as the Member of Parliament elect.

After a while, none of my competitors had filled a case to challenge my new post. It was really new dawn with the help of Kiwanga doctors. The herbalists solve various problems in our day-to-day society livelihood like domestic violence caused by marriage wrangles, being barren and impotent, stagnated businesses, and winning court cases among others.

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They also treat diseases such as syphilis, diabetes, leukemia, and high blood pressure just in three days. They are the best herbalist in the region as their work has been seen by many people.

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