Wanjigi: Leave the Kenyattas Alone

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Safina Party leader Jimmy Wanjigi says targeting Mzee Kenyatta’s family wealth will not help the government and that if President Ruto has any issues with Uhuru Kenyatta, he should face him head-on.

Speaking at the Power of Faith Church in Kiambu, Wanjigi asked the government to steer clear of any war with the Kenyattas by branding them tax cheats.

“Hamutatatua mkitafuta mali ya Jomo Kenyatta. That one we will not allow.Why are you targeting Mama Ngina? Now you are crossing the line because if you are after his property, who are we?” Wanjigi asked.

On Saturday, Mama Ngina said the due process of the law should be followed in addressing the matter rather than soiling people’s names in the media.

“There is no need of spoiling my name and that of others so that you can be seen to be working. Let those accused be taken to court and pay what he or she is supposed to pay,” she said.

She went on to dare the state to auction her properties in the event she is discovered to have failed to meet her tax obligatin and said the attacks meted out on her family are unfair and false further challenging the state to come clean on the issue instead of politicking.

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