Does Ruto Pay His Taxes? Kenya Wants those Tax Returns Made Public. Same with Uhuru

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Kenyans will not allow William Ruto to pull a Trump move on them by hiding his tax returns if at all he has paid any tax all his life. Trump hid his tax returns from Americans and now that they have the returns it is full cooked-up figures to not pay taxes.

 “We are all equal before the law and we will pay our taxes in accordance with our income. This is the best consensus we can have as a nation,” William Ruto said. ”It will help save our country from debt. We need to get to a point where instead of borrowing we will be lending. That is the trajectory we want to take,” he added.

The President also directed the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to allow all Kenyans to pay their taxes without being frustrated. He directed government agencies to stop taking KRA to court to sort out tax battles.

Pay taxes

“Have discussions with KRA, and roll out a plan to pay your taxes in bits. Stop taking each other to court because you are benefiting lawyers while the government loses money. There will be a circular that all government agencies cannot take KRA to court. If there is a challenge, let there be discussions between the various agencies and settle the matter out of court. We cannot be using public money to go to court so that we stop paying taxes. We have to be united and organised and seamless,” said Ruto.

In his desperation to get money and divert attention from failed promises and lies to the Kenyan people, William Ruto chose to drag in Mama Ngina to their endless daily politics and they claimed the former First Lady has not paid her taxes and must do so immediately to help Ruto with his delusional antics.

I have no idea if Mama Ngina has paid her taxes or not and that is something Kenyans can ask about, but I am pretty sure William Ruto in all his more than 30 years in politics, first with Moi, with Kibaki, then with Uhuru and now with his official babysitter Rigathi Gachagua has not paid any taxes, and that is from all his businesses including the farms, the ranches, Weston Hotel, homes owned and rented by him all over the country and everything else.

Well, Mama Ngina is not our president right now. William Ruto is the president of Kenya as we speak.

Can Ruto provide public information on all the taxes he has paid in the billions worth of property he owns and runs for profit to KRA? Kenyans need to publicly see William Ruto’s Income Tax Returns right now that he has decided his biggest war is on Kenyans paying taxes, including the dead. That starts right from your feet, Mr. President. Where are your Income Tax Returns?

There are all sorts of tax laws and runarounds for the rich, starting with President Jomo Kenyatta when they set up the Tax Rule of people inheriting property and assets from dead relatives not to pay taxes. Then came up with a dead people’s tax exemptions for some people. The entire death tax system was abolished in June 1982 during the Moi regime so there is no death tax right now. Kenyan politicians can dance around all that staff.

What we need right is proof that our sitting president William Ruto has been paying his taxes up to 2022. That information should already be with the KRA unless the big boys never pay taxes. Kenyans need to see Ruto’s income tax records and that of all his cabinet ministers and political bodyguards around him screaming about Mama Ngina’s tax.

Ruto’s DP and a thief in Kenya, Rigathi Gachagua gets Kshs. 200 million gift from the taxpayer after fraud cases against him are thrown out by the Ruto government and now they want to talk to Kenyans about paying taxes.

Where are your tax returns, Mr. President? Put them out and let Kenyans really deal with paying taxes by everybody especially the super-rich who run our country including yourself.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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