The Karua-Waiguru Schism is Bad for Women Politics in Kenya

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Martha Karua did not attend the Homa Bay investment event because Anne Waiguru was playing a prominent role.

Martha Karua declined to join the push for BBI because Anne Waiguru supported the push. On the contrary, she sabotaged it, alongside her ‘Linda Katiba’ groupies.

Martha Karua waited until Waiguru left Azimio, then joined. Waiguru ended up delivering Kirinyaga to UDA, despite Karua’s elevated place in Azimio as the No. 2.

Some say she didn’t even deliver her polling station.

Karua was never a team player and brought a lot of confusion in Mt. Kenya, where Jubilee was the anchor party. She refused to assume the leadership of Jubilee, and, added to Uhuru’s aloofness, the Jubilee Party machine in Mt Kenya became a mess.

The Karua-Waiguru schism is bad for women politics in Kenya. It is a fight not based on any ideologies, but just petty women issues.

But Karua is not alone in holding personal vendetta on their successful younger sisters, we have another oldie in Homa Bay who still can’t believe Gladys Wanga is the Governor. She too played a very peripheral role during the investment forum.

Too much selfishness is bad for politics.

Dikembe Disembe is a political researcher and writer

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