She was unsuccessful in finding a spouse until she did this

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At one point, every man and woman would like to settle down, have a loving wife or husband then raise babies together. However, to some, this may be challenging. Remember one of the ladies who hit headlines with a placard looking for a husband after many years of being single. Many people on social media ridiculed her, yet she was just expressing herself. It was not an easy thing to become a laughing stock for the whole community.

“I need someone to marry me as I’m aging,” was her pea, and most men thought it was very ridiculous for a woman to publicly seek a husband. It is always the other way around, where men pursue women.

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Photos of the lady circulated online, and even went viral. Her fellow women were shocked at her actions, some claiming she was embarrassing the female gender, without knowing the problem the good lady was going through.

However, to the strangers who cared to give her a listening ear, she confessed to looking for a husband to wife her because age was not on her side. Her biological clock was ticking, with just one year shy of being 40. But like other women her age, she was still not able to settle and raise a family.

She craved raising a family but there were problems. Her habit of neglecting every man who gave advances to her, asking for her love and hand in marriage. In one of her interactions, she was introduced to Dr. Kiwanga who had the right love portions she needed.

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One week later, she met her perfect match – who was a teacher from a nearby local school in her neighborhood. Thanks to Kiwanga native doctors who also solve a range of other similar problems including violence in relationships, misunderstandings among relatives, and any other human-to-human problems.

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