My Boyfriend Picked my Sister Over Me After Dating for Three Years. Here is What I Did!

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John and I had been dating for three years and we pretty much did everything together. We got so close that we could call each other every time during the day and have long talks at night. He would visit my homestead over the weekends and I would visit their home on regular occasions. With all these, we were very fond of each other and were only waiting for the ripe, opportune time to solidify our friendship with marriage.

However, things took a new turn after I started noticing changes in my boyfriend, John. His behavior was so weird and things changed abruptly. He went from the loving, caring and happy man I once knew to a totally different demon, one I never thought I wanted to be associated with. A few weeks after our last meeting, John stopped calling and every time I would try reaching him either through calls or texts he would act and sound busy like I am being a bother to him. I stressed myself up wondering what was wrong with him and even tried to make things better thinking I could have done something that offended him. This was however not the case.

By this time, we had planned our wedding which was just a few weeks away and my husband-to-be was either ignoring me or not picking my calls. I was very angry, I started creating scenarios in my head. I wondered how he would dump me after three years of committing to him.

“Was he just after using me and leaving me just like that? Like seriously? Had he dumped me! No, I could not believe that I thought something had happened to him.”

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I decided to visit him and check up on him while ideally hoping to resolve our issues. Shock on me! I discovered he had moved out of the rented apartment that was just a few kilometers drive from where I stayed with my sister. I inquired from the caretaker and he explained to me that John had moved out a few days before.

I lost consciousness and when I woke up, I could not believe John had moved out without telling me, his girlfriend and wife to be. I started piecing things together and that is when I got the shock of my life.

I discovered John was cheating on me and had opted to move out of the apartment so I don’t trace him and discover what was going on. I tried reaching out to his friends but none had an idea of where he had relocated to. That was when I decided to leave the past behind and started moving on while trying to forget John. It was however not easy.

A few weeks passed I noticed very strange behavior from my sister whom I was living with. She started going out more during the weekends and would come back with new clothes, shoes and goodies which she said were from her new catch. Like the good sister I was, I was very happy for her and looked forward to seeing the man who had my sister’s heart.

I however had my doubts as knowing my sister, there was no way she would fall in love with a guy within one month and hide him from me. We started having minor issues in the house and she would answer me rudely when I questioned her about something. The final nail on the coffin was when I asked her who that boyfriend was and she said it was none of my business and that I should continue going about my life.

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So one day, I was determined to see this new boyfriend and secretly decided to follow her while she went out. As she was getting prepared in her room, I pretended to be asleep only to follow her secretly without her knowledge. I got the shock of my life! My speculations were confirmed as there I saw John, my boyfriend. He had come to pick her at the entrance of his new apartment.

I followed them inside and blasted them, shouting and crying in anger. John was not remorseful at all. And neither was my sister. This man had broken my heart into pieces and did not give a care in the world.

He told me he opted for my sister over me because I was not pleasuring him in bed. During our relationship, I had opened up about being a virgin and had wanted to engage in sex only after marriage. He was very okay with this. Little did I know he was a wolf in a sheep’s clothing. John chased me out of the gate while my sister watched and did nothing.

I really loved John and wanted to be by him, as I was heading back home I came across a poster about Kiwanga doctors restoring lost love. I contacted Doctor Kiwanga and told him what had happened and that I wanted my love back. He told me that all would be fine, that he would cast a love spell to bring my boyfriend back and teach my sister a lesson. A few days thereafter, I received a call from my sister saying that she was sorry for taking my husband adding that heard voices disturbing her at night saying “bring my husband back.” My John came for me, picked me up and apologized for what he did. He promised to be in love with me till death do us apart, thanks to Kiwanga doctors I regained my lost love.

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