How I escaped poverty and salvaged my marriage

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Poverty is hated by everyone. It is more dangerous when it tries coming in between marriages. Kinyanjui a young man in his late thirties has been having a hard time living together with his partner without money, after the ravages of the pandemic.

”It came to my realization that most of our neighbors liked it so much when we had wrangles with my wife due to lack of money and so they kept on feeding her with false thoughts and opinions against me. They told her how lazy I was. It was a painful experience,” he says.

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As time went by, the wrangles escalated with constant fights and this risked their young marriage to a level that the couple was almost giving up in their union.

”To save our marriage, I kept convincing my wife to ignore naysayers who didn’t like seeing us together. I kept telling her to ignore the people who never added any value to our marriage but she was not getting convinced,” he continued.

Kinyanjui says things grew from bad to worse with each day and at some point, his wife would go for three days without talking to him, despite living under one roof.

”Life took a nosedive. Divorcing her was however not the best solution as truly I loved her but her behavior was unbecoming. She didn’t want to understand that I was trying my best to put food on the table; she only wanted good life of cars,” Kinyanjui explains.

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Fed up and almost giving up, one day while reading articles on the internet, the troubled Kinyanjui came across interesting testimonials from people who were facing a similar problem in their marriages like him. It was through this that he knew about Kiwanga doctors who helped him salvage his troubled marriage.

”I was so much bored with her behavior which forced me to also seek help from Kiwanga Doctors. When I sought an appointment with them, they told me the problem and gave me portions for our marriage that would ensure we lived happily in our home without any more fights,” he adds.

Shortly after the visit, believe it or not, things started going the right way in their marriage. His wife changed, was respectful and encouraged him to keep on pushing on with life hoping things will one day change for the better.

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”Money also started coming in through my tender businesses with schools. She couldn’t believe. All these due to Kiwanga doctors. If I had not visited them, I would be poor and divorced.”

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