Has Sex Become so Boring in Your Marriage? Here is How to Bring Back the Spark

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The purpose of marriage is primarily for companionship and procreation. These two come hand in hand with sex. For example, procreation can be availed without necessarily having to be in a marriage. Relationships are also not only about sex. However, it is through sex that a woman and man solidify their relationship in a marriage where the woman gets pregnant and has a child.

Being in a long-term marriage can be tiresome and boring Just like any other relationship hence having sex continuously becomes boring as one loses their interest and need to spice things up. In a recent study, lack of sex in a marriage has hugely contributed to high separation and divorce rates globally. Therefore, when it gets to a point that sex is no longer exciting in marriage, then the happiness that comes about with companionship also goes out the window.

My name is Sharon, a middle-aged woman at the tender age of 27 years. I have been married for three years now and something less expected happened barely two years into the marriage. My husband and I were still on the honeymoon face but sex turned out so boring and many times I didn’t want to engage in it. I would give one excuse after the other to avoid it. Don’t get me wrong. I really love my husband and didn’t want him to know that I was bored in the bedroom. On several occasions, I pretended to enjoy it but the truth is that I never felt any pleasure from the act.

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Funny thing is, my husband was very satisfied with our sex life and was at the peak of his orgasms while I suffered. For days and nights, I kept getting worried with thoughts on how to make things better but I had no one to rant to. I wallowed in my misery and even became emaciated.

One, I didn’t want to tell my husband because it would make him feel bad and inadequate and he would either step out of our marriage or automatically divorce me. I decided to work on ways of how I could get the spark back and start enjoying sex in my marriage all again.

That’s when I decided to seek advice from people over the radio. I called in at a radio program dubbed Doctor love at Radio Jambo, one of the biggest radio stations in Kenya. I explained to the hosts what I was going through, and asked them to pose the question to the listeners’ to give their best advice. I didn’t use my real name because I didn’t want my husband to know about it.

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I keenly listened to the advice given out by various listeners who called in. I decided to put them into practice but none of them worked. They were worse than I could expect. For instance, some of the listeners got me into using sex-enhancing drugs which were useless. I never got the spark back and worse is that the sex-enhancing drugs posed a health risk to my body. I then decided to stop using them and opted to try another way out.

I yet again visited a reproductive health doctor who placed me on medication for a period of three months. This too did not work. One day as I was walking on the streets of Nairobi I came across an advert on a billboard about Kiwanga doctors. On it, they had advertised that they had the capability to bring back sexual sensation to those who have lost it and without hesitation, I picked their number and booked an appointment.

The following morning I met doctor Kiwanga who gave me herbal medication and promised a good result. A few days later, I got the spark back and started to really enjoyed sex. I would frequently ask my husband for it and that is how I saved my marriage.

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