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Aisha Jumwa Graft Case Moved To August 15 To Allow Her Time For Governorship Campaign

The Ksh.19 million graft case against Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa has been postponed to August 15 to give the legislator time to focus on her Kilifi gubernatorial bid.

Chief Magistrate Martha Mutuku on Monday ordered the case to continue from August 15 to 19 after the August 9 General Election.

She further gave other dates for the case; September 12 to 16, as well as October 3 to 10.

Jumwa has also been allowed to recall all witnesses for fresh examination following the transfer of the previous magistrate, Edna Nyaloti, to another station.

In her application through lawyer Danstan Omari, Jumwa said that one of her lawyers was also held up in the campaign as he seeks a parliamentary seat.

“She is worried that her opponents would use the case against her politically. She seeks the court’s permission to give her time off to campaign for the governor’s seat. One of her lawyers (Cliff Ombeta) has also been held up by politics,” Omari told the court.

“One of her defense lawyers, Cliff Ombeta is also vying for the Bonchari parliamentary seat and is not available at the moment. We are seeking a hearing date earliest September to continue with this matter.” 

Jumwa is accused of embezzling the Ksh.19 million meant for the Malindi Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

They have been charged with 13 offenses including forgery and fraud in the procurement of the money allocated to NG-CDF Malindi Constituency by the National Government for the proposed construction of the Sub-County Education office block.

Jumwa is also facing murder charges in another case where she and her bodyguard Geoffrey Otieno are accused of the murder of Gumbao Jola in Ganda, Malindi Constituency, in 2019.

The Ksh.19 million graft case against Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa has been postponed to August 15 to give the legislator time to focus on her Kilifi gubernatorial bid.

Then we have the Yusuf Haji DPP statements which I come to shortly.

Based on the Aisha Jumwa case, in Kenyan in 2022 being a thief and a politician has become the single most lucrative undertaking anyone can engage in.

When Kenyan politicians keep yapping about youth in our country needing jobs and economic development it is a mystery to me why they just don’t tell the youth that stealing public money in Kenya is the best way to make a good living.

Look at the brouhaha about the DPP stopping corruption cases so the thieves can spend their time campaigning and stealing and as soon as they win the elections all cases against them will be thrown in the garbage.

In the Aisha Jumwa case, I was stunned because the courts were telling Kenyans that for the politicians stealing public money and even committing murder is not a big deal. Their being elected to office is their one and only job.

It was even more stunning that not one single politician took issue with such a terrible ruling. `

And not a single word from our human rights activists which didn’t surprise me because the human rights movement in Kenya has been dead for a long time now.

Kibaki gave them their Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) and a whole ton of money as commissioners and they made sure they killed the human rights activities in Kenya and it has been a field day for the thieves and criminals. Kenyans will take care of that but that is another story.

The thing that caught my attention was that when the DPP Yusuf Haji joined the parade to let Kenyan thieves have it all and now we hear all sorts of petty nonsense.

Here is what made me sick to my stomach. The exact same lawyer (our new human rights lawyers) who applied for and celebrated the Aisha Jumwa case of suspended justice for the benefit of politicians are the ones now jumping on the DPP.

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Danstan Omari, Jumwa’s lawyer who was very happy that she had been granted the right to avoid justice so that she can pursue politics is exactly the same lawyer hired by some alleged human rights activists in Kenya to sue DPP Yusuf Haji for stopping the prosecution of thieves to allow them to do their politics.

There is a reason many Kenyans laugh at the Human Rights Movement in Kenya today. They are worse than a bad joke.

But Maina Kiai told me about this in 2003 after he became the first chair of KNCHR and we had a meeting of human rights groups in Nairobi. I asked him if with the KNCHR we as human rights fighters are better off. Maina Kiai did not mince any words.

Kiai told me:

“Adongo, being a Kenyan human rights activist out there in the streets fighting for a better country is a whole lot different from being a commissioner of the KNCHR.”

Kiai told me the commissioners get paid big money and drive in huge cars paid for by the Kenya government. They live in big houses in places they would never even think to live in.

Basically, Kiai told me unless one is fully committed to human rights, being in the commission is just a big money job and nothing else.

But I always never want to say anything negative about human rights activists because I have lived and worked with them since I was 20 years old, working as a student leader at the University of Nairobi. I have too much respect for them and the work they do and the sacrifices they have made for our country.

But the way things are going, we might have to go back to the streets much sooner than later. We will meet with the thieves and human rights abusers there in the streets where we have met so many times before.

When we stopped Nyayo torture chambers and stopped Moi in his tracks to become a permanent dictator he had no clue what to do with us.

We made torturing Kenyans very difficult for Moi and his thugs which incidentally included William Ruto then leader of Youth Kanu 1992. It was a nightmare for them. Every time they tried something we had them covered everywhere. Abuse of human rights became a very expensive political activity for Moi. That is how we stopped the dictatorship.

Kenyans are going to do the exact same thing for political thieves and thugs who run our country today. We are going to make it politically impossible for them. To do that, you have to work with the Kenyan masses who don’t want to be robbed by their politicians. We will work with international agencies everywhere to make things very difficult for them.

Moi did not stop oppressing and killing Kenyan activists out of mercy. Kenyans stopped him. We are coming again for the new breed of thugs who want to take over our country.

Moi and Kanu were a million times tougher to deal with compared to the new crop of arrogant and mostly juvenile little criminals who just sing for their funders whom they think own Kenya today. If Moi couldn’t own Kenya nobody in the current political crop is even close. The nation is going to run over these people.

Their crimes are pretty livid. The whole country knows what and who they are dealing with.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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