CS Jumwa Condemns Governor Lusaka’s Calls to Bar Pregnant Teens from School

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Cabinet Secretary to the Ministry of Gender, Hon. Aisha Jumwa has harshly condemned the stance made by Bungoma County governor Kenneth Lusaka which suggested that pregnant teenage students should be barred from further studies as a means to curb the rising rates teen pregnancy cases across the country.

The governor who while speaking to journalists had blamed the high rates of teen pregnancies, had asked for strict laws barring resumptions so as to serve as warning for other teenage students to the “safe and responsible”

In a statement, Jumwa said policies that discriminate against girls because of pregnancy or marriage violate international and regional human rights law and the Kenyan Constitution 2010.

She said that the privilege of staying in school gives these girls a chance to get a good career, teaches them to be responsible and keeps them from being isolated and doing things that could potentially be harmful to them and the baby.

“I would like to condemn in the strongest terms possible those sentiments of a leader of the stature of the Bungoma Governor who is not only a leader but a parent and a would-be opinion leader,” Hon. Jumwa said.

In her statement, CS Jumwa asked Lusaka to revisit the Kenya Kwanza manifesto which states “Education is the ultimate means of engendering an equitable society”.

“Equitable education ensures that every child has a chance to fulfil their potential and rise to the highest level of accomplishment irrespective of their social background,” she said.

The statement also revealed that the Kenya Kwanza government, through the State Department of Gender is implementing a Free Sanitary Pads to girls across the country.

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