Matiang’i Describes How President Ruto, DPP Haji Plotted his Arrest

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President William Ruto and the Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji met on January 30th on the sidelines of the Prosecutor’s Conference to plan Dr. Fred Matiang’s arrest.

This is according to the former Interior cabinet secretary’s affidavit, in which he also describes how officers seeking to arrest him raided and barricaded the entry to his home on February 9th night.

”True to their words, on the afternoon of February 9, my family home in Karen was raided, surrounded and cordoned off by police officers who were seeking to arrest me. The police officers barricaded the entry to my house and only retreated after the media and my Advocates arrived and the story of my impending arrest went viral on social media platforms,” Dr. Matiangi’s affidavit reads in part.

”I have never been summoned to appear before any police station or investigative agency and no arrest warrants have ever been against me. I am therefore at a loss as to why the police officers are seeking to arrest me.”

However, DPP Haji has dismissed Dr. Matiangi’s claims of the January 30th meeting and now wants the former CS sued for staging the arrest at his home.

”He has alleged that I and the President met on the sidelines of the conference to plan against him, that in itself is perjury and I will take him to task. It is unacceptable, let him table that evidence that we did that. I have evidence that nothing like that happened,” DPP Hajji said on Thursday.

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