Opinion: Lillian Nganga Is a Single Woman! She is Free to Mingle with Whoever she Wants

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Matters of the heart are very complicated. Often, we are advised to stop picking sides regarding two people who once shared a blanket and had their private parts in each other. This, we learnt the hard way after Professor Hamo and Comedian Jemutai sent critics to default settings by getting together just weeks after their social media drama.

However, when the bedroom matters are made public, people are mostly free to comment and give their thoughts and ideas on the same. The situation surrounding the breakup between Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua and Lillian Nganga has really exposed who were are as a society. Some thoughts and comments surrounding this saga are disgusting and people need to be called out on the same.

First, Lillian and Mutua’s relationship was in the public, from going on vacations, romancing and publicly proclaiming their love for each other. They ideally made it public that they are no longer together and had decided to go their separate ways. This, the once lovebirds said was amicable and that they would continue to be friends.

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What I do not understand, however, is why people are still castigating Lillian like she is an infant who cannot make her own decisions.

Yesterday, human rights activist Boniface Mwangi revealed that Juliani, who is rumored to be Lillian’s new fling had received death threats following his links with the former county first lady.

Through social media, Mwangi revealed that Juliani had recorded a statement at Kileleshwa Police station while revealing the phone number that was used in issuing the threats.

With Juliani in the picture, this has really complicated the issue. One, this is because despite Mutua and Nganga separating, the latter still attended a birthday organized by the former and they even had to share a cake together.

Hence, is this really a breakup or some social media antic that is aimed to distract people from everything that is going on in the country?

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Secondly, why are Kenyans castigating Juliani and alluding that he deserves the threats he is getting to his life following his association with Nganga? Nobody should be able to live in fear of their decisions on whom they choose to love. Ideally, Juliani is an adult and so is Lillian and whatever the two have going on is not anybody’s business. Consequently, they are consenting adults with Lilian being single and free to mingle with whoever she feels like.

The phrase that “Lillian ni bibi ya mwenyewe” should stop! A woman is not some property that should be owned for life such that even if love is lost, they are still being policed and controlled on whom to spend their time with.

Have you seen how fast men move on? A man would separate from the wife of many years today and will be on social media parading his new catch without feeling any form of guilt. Worse is, they are often congratulated for moving on yet they might be the ones who fumbled their previous relationships.

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A good example of this is the relationship between life coach Frankie Just gym and socialite Corazon Kwamboka. The two recently got engaged with Frankie popping the big question. Less than two years ago, Frankie was caught up in baby mama drama with her ex whom they had dated for three years, and even got engaged.

However, Frankie was congratulated for moving on while Maureen received backlash and was heavily castigated for going on vacation with another man.

The same people who have ideally congratulated aspiring politician Silas Jakakimba for finding love again are the same ones who are throwing insults at Nganga and Juliani for moving on.

Kenyans! Stop the hypocrisy. We have all witnessed marriages go wrong and couples tuning on each other and killing each other when things do not work out. We have even encouraged them to move on and walk out when things are not working out. But look at us, spewing insults at a grown woman who has decided to pick up her life and move on before things ran out of hands.

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