Obado: We cannot wait for another Canaan that is being promised

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Migori Governor Okoth Obado has intensified his onslaught against the ODM party and its leadership telling 2022 aspirants from his county not to wait to lose out on ODM nominations, instead join his new outfit, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Speaking in Suna West on Wednesday, Obado said Migori residents can no longer wait for the proverbial Canaan always being promised by Raila Odinga and will take their own path in ensuring sustainable development.

”We already have a shoulder to lean on whenever things do not go right in the other wing. Those seeking to vie for elective positions should not wait until they lose out in ODM nominations like has been witnessed in the past before they can join us. The time is now.”

” We can have our ‘Canaan’ right here in Migori if we put our efforts in sustainable agriculture and the dairy projects that we are launching alongside other projects. These are enough to make us self-sufficient as an economy.  We don’t have to wait for another Canaan that is being promised,” Obado said.

The county boss says he should not be branded a traitor for deciding not to work with ODM, adding everyone is free to choose a political path without intimidation.

”This is a new seed that has been planted and we want to nurture it as we see its growth. Pray for me so that my party grows. Even in religion, everyone is free to worship on his own day and no one is castigated for choosing a particular day, that’s the case with our party. We should not be branded traitors for drumming for its support.”

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