Exiled Kenyan claims he was offered 200M to assassinate Uhuru Kenyatta after 2017 polls

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Jaffer Isaak Sora, an exiled Kenyan who tried to run for president in 2013 has claimed he was approached by NIS officers in 2017 and offered 200 million shillings to hire gunmen from Ethiopia to kill President Uhuru Kenyatta after the August general elections. Sora, who has sought asylum in the UK claims powerful individuals are after him and his life has been in danger after the incident.

”In 2017, intelligence officers came to my office in Nairobi while we were campaigning, and they said to me I would be given 200 million, to go and get gunmen from Ethiopia so that we can kill Uhuru Kenyatta after the elections….From that time I feared even a tree next to me. I feared even my own shadow,” the ex-soldier said in a video posted from his timeline on May 30th.

Sora who says he has a lot of hidden state secrets in his upcoming book titled Surviving Broken Society, explains in the 15-minute video that upon receiving information from the supposed intelligence officers to kill the president-elect, he rushed to two European embassies for help since he did not know who to trust, and he was advised to leave the country.

”I was advised to leave the country. I left the country after the nullification of the election. I never went back to Kenya the whole of 2018. The end of 2018 for the first time I arrived to see my family, hoping everything was right. I was arrested in the airport, taken to Ngong forest police station. Detained for seven hours and I was tortured and released to Parklands police station 8 o’clock at night,” he says.

On Thursday morning this publication established, ATPU officials raided the house of former KDF and presidential aspirant and confiscated passports of his wife and children, two weeks after his May 30th social media post.

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