Piny Luo Economy. How Can We Help?

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I was happy to see that leaders from the Luo community are holding a national event for culture and unity within the community.

That is great. But how about our economy and growth as part of the Republic of Kenya? Let’s add that in there and move it.

1. Let’s start with Kisumu Port.

Is this thing working now or are we still playing games?

First of all investments in Lake Victoria are not Luo investments. Those are national investments for Kenya. The British colonial government figured that out in 1896 when they invaded our country and set up the rail system from Mombasa to Port Florence (Present Day Kisumu). We are going to do a whole lot better with our Port Florence, aren’t we?

Once we get the port going and hopefully the national government hooks it up with the SGR to get the link up to Uganda going that is a huge economic investment for the country. Kenya wins, Piny Luo economy wins and Uganda is happy. What can be wrong with that?

Phase Two of the Port Kisumu revival is to build the late transport system and rebuild the Lake transport network with Homa Bay Port, Kendu Bay, Nyilima, and Usenge plus another one in the Busia area. Then you have your lake to move goods and people and develop the economy of the region and the country.

2. Solar Power for the entire Luo region

I am asking all the four governors of Homa Bay County, Kisumu County, Siaya County and Migori County to put together a proposal to the international funding agencies to help set up solar energy in the entire region. We are at the equator to begin with so we have the sun every single day of the year. Let’s show the world how solar power can save us all from climate change nightmare which we now see everywhere.

3. Farm and Construction Tractors

I am asking the four counties to put together a proposal for 4, 000 farm tractors which adds to 1,000 per county and also seek to get 2,000 construction tractors which adds up to 500 per county. Let us ask the international community to help is get these tractors. Of course, we also have some funding at the county if it is not all stolen.

If we get those 2,000 construction tractors, we can build thousands of very good homes and houses for Kenyans in those counties right where they live, forget the mythical Housing Levy from Ruto which will never build a single house in a hundred years.

For Ruto it is talk and talk with zero plans. Fine. His job is to talk. Now everybody in Kenya is going to be a bricklayer and that will create 10 million jobs. Total nonsense. Ruto knows that but he thinks Kenyans are too stupid to understand anything.

Here in Canada, I am ready with other Kenyans here to go to the Canadian government to help us acquire used tractors to be sent to Kenya to help our farmers. It can be done all over the world and it will be successful. We need the tractors for our farmers.

Here is my Proposal:

Let us ask for used tractors and ask countries like Canada, where I live, to donate them to Kenya and in this case to the four counties. If the four counties put this proposal together they will get those tractors. And then what?

We need the tractors to farm every piece of land Kenyans in those four counties have. That is for food and fighting climate change at the same time. My idea of fighting climate change is to plough every piece of land you have and plant things you can eat like vegetables and fruits. That way the climate is Okay and your stomach is Okay too. What is wrong with that?

4. Value Addition

Now if we can turn all those vegetables we produce like Canola plants into cooking oil for local use and export and turn our millet, Sorghum and fruits into other products for mass consumption we will be heading somewhere good. That has to be the plan.

Piny Luo’s economy has huge potential. How to bring it to work for everybody and for the country is what we have to sort out. It shall be done. The sooner the better.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and  Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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