Labor CS In Saudi Arabia for Global Labor Market Conference

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Hon Florence Bore is attending The Global Labour Market Conference (GLMC) in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi. The conference is a platform to discuss and learn the development of innovative solutions to the major challenges facing labor markets today.

Waziri Bore took part in the Ministerial Round Table on the innovation economy and Labour Market transformation to discuss How to prepare workforces like educating the young people and training workers to be capable to work with tomorrow’s advanced technologies, How to organize labor markets to contribute to improving productivity and What options exists in social protection for workers and their families.

Kenya recognizes that preparing for tomorrow’s advanced technologies begins with the education of the youth and the continuous training and retraining of the existing talent pool.

The country is investing heavily in the Competency-Based Curriculum and STEM education, equipping the young minds with the skills necessary to thrive in a tech-driven economy.

Kenya prioritizes the establishment of comprehensive safety nets, including universal healthcare and unemployment benefits, to mitigate the impact of career transitions.

Hon. Bore also Participated in the plenary session at The Global Labour Market Conference (GLMC) in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi to discuss the topic “Has the Labour Contract Run its Course?  “

The CS shared thoughts on the issue that the evolution of employment contracts towards short-term commercial deals presents both opportunities and challenges. While it offers flexibility and skill diversification, it raises concerns about job security, benefits, and the erosion of traditional employer-employee relationships.

“Balancing these aspects is crucial to ensure a workforce that is both adaptable and supported in a rapidly changing labor market landscape. As policymakers, it’s imperative to explore regulatory frameworks that protect workers’ rights and ensure a fair balance between flexibility and stability in the evolving world of work,” stated the Labor Cabinet Secretary.

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