Jubilee Party in a fix over UDA divorce

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Unlike previously thought, Jubilee Party is not having an easy sail in its efforts to cut links with UDA, formerly Party of Development and Reforms (PDR). Reports have emerged of cracks in the ruling party’s decision-making organ, with some members urging the party to drop the divorce plans.

Already, there are complications being witnesses on what would be the fate of President Uhuru Kenyatta allies, elected under the PDR, and questions are being asked on whether they would their seats if the split sails through.

Senate Deputy Majority Leader Fatuma Dullo, MPs Fatuma Gedi (Wajir) Ahmed Bashane (Tarbaj), Mark Lomunokol (Kacheliba), and Sophia Abdi (Ijara) are prominent President Uhuru Kenyatta’s allies elected under the PDR ticket in 2017.

If the Jubilee Party goes ahead and expels PDR (now UDA), the above members are likely to lose their seats, a gamble President Uhuru Kenyatta is not willing to make.

On the other hand, Jubilee strategists have warned the party’s leadership of being dragged in a protracted legal battle by DP Ruto, if they (Jubilee) do not drop the plans of severing links with UDA.

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