IEBC finally paralyzes the country. Where does this end?

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Wafula Chebukati and the IEBC are holding our country hostage and they have no clue what to do next which is the worst part of the situation. There is obvious evidence now that there was a massive rigging plan by IEBC to get William Ruto to State House.

How much money these guys were paid is unimaginable because they probably needed trillions of dollars to try to pull this off.

We have tens of thousands of votes allocated to Ruto like the one in Kiambu which incidentally was discovered by the media. We have another case in Murang’a where 10,000 votes were taken out of Raila votes.

That list could be endless meaning that effectively every vote count has to be done again and recorded properly. That is only possible if IEBC admits its corrupt rigging actions and promises not to do it again. Nobody is going to believe them and so for all practical purposes, Kenyans will head to a presidential election re-run.

This is one case where IEBC has been busted. How many more of these are out there?

Initially, the Commission announced DP Ruto of UDA was leading in the Constituency with 51,050 votes against Raila’s 14,860 despite the total valid votes standing at 56,546.

Both David Mwaure and George Wajackoyah got 318 votes each.

The initial tally announced by Commissioner Justus Nyangaya on Saturday was 10,000 votes more than the votes cast.

Making the correction, Nyang’aya said Ruto got 41,050 instead of 51,050 votes as earlier declared.

“In form 34B there was an error, that was corrected in form 34C,” he explained.

“In Thindigwa Primary it was captured that 11 voted for Odinga instead of 111. That has been corrected in Form C.”

IEBC has a little window of opportunity to escape the disaster they have created. They are going to manipulate the numbers to show that no presidential candidate got 50% plus one and therefore there will be a run-off. Kenyans should not accept that.

In reality, it is crazy that Chebukati after all the problems he created for the country in the 2017 elections is still running the IEBC.

Once the presidential election is thrown out of the window for a re-run, Chebukati and IEBC have to be sacked and a new IEBC is set up to run the next presidential elections. That means President Uhuru Kenyatta will keep running the country until we get sane people to run the IEBC and let Kenyans elect their president.

Right now the focus for our national leaders is to ask for peace and let this matter be sorted out to the satisfaction of the citizens. The paralysis can’t go on any longer. Everybody in Kenya now is saying they are in darkness about the presidential election results. Let’s throw Chebukati into that darkness and have our country back. We don’t need the darkness. We need our country out of the hands of thieves and criminals running our electoral system.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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