Aukot Questions Why the US and UK Dont Want IEBC Servers Opened

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Third Way Party leader Ekuru Aukot is questioning why the government is hesitant to open the IEBC servers if it will help solve the current political crisis in the country.

In a series of tweets on Saturday 8th March 2023, the lawyer also wondered what the United States and the United Kingdom know about the servers that they do not want them opened for public scrutiny.

”The issue of the IEBC server remains a puzzle wrapped in a mystery! The Supreme Court conceded that it can’t be opened because it will breach the property rights of Smartmatic the owners of the server. Still questions remain though.” he tweeted.

Dr. Aukot continued: ”The effect is that many Kenyans have stubbornly refused to accept this reasoning and can’t move on (and may join the maandamano monday). Why do the UK and the US through Senator Coons DO NOT want this mystery server to be opened? Who is mostly affected here?

”Let me pose this question, and hopefully we can debate it soberly without anyone catching feelings: If opening this server is what will unlock the country to move on, WHY NOT? What does the UK and the US know that frightens them not to open the server?”

On Tuesday, Raila Odinga, the Azimio leader said there were some people trying to tamper with the August 2022 election servers and warned that they were watching for any foul play.

Mr. Odinga reiterated that among the issues that the government needs to resolve is the auditing of servers, which he said was a necessary and urgent matter in the planned bi-partisan talks. 

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