Opinion: I am for Luo Women, Whether they Come Wearing Orange or Yellow

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CT CS Eliud Owalo on Friday was the chief guest at the launch of the Strategic Plan (2024-2028) of the Professional Association of Nyanza Women (PANY).

Fact of the matter is; there are very few Luo women holding senior government roles in the government of President Ruto. None at cabinet level. None at PS level.

Graduating Luo girls are among the hardest hit by joblessness. I know this because I am talking about lived experiences of my own sisters and cousins.

Whereas the biggest problem of the Luo woman is the thoughtless politics of the Luo man, who takes her to opposition politics time and time again, she still deserves a place in whatever government is formed.

PANY was founded by Luo women allied to President Ruto’s government. I hailed its founding as a good strategic idea, for, now, the government could not claim ‘all Luo women are maandamano women’.

Soon after PANY’s formation, a counter-association of Luo women known as ‘Nyinam’, led by ‘Sulwe’, was also formed with a grand jamboree in Homa Bay. There seems to be little activity by the group.

Both groups are important.

The Nyinam group need to ringfence ODM Party nominations to benefit more Luo women. If anything, it is the Luo woman who carry the heaviest burden of the party’s struggle politics. It is her who has to bury her sons and husbands after every kimeibiwo maandamano.

The PANY group need to put more pressure on Owalo and Omolo, to keep ensuring a few crumbs drop off the Ruto table.

I am for Luo women, whether they come wearing Orange or Yellow.

I am rooting for you. For both of you.

Dikembe Disembe is a political researcher and writer

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