I almost committed suicide, my all-time girl left me in stitches

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I was in love with Maureen where we knew each other for a long time. She was really my time lover since we were kids back in primary schools. We went to the same campus and there I knew I was to marry her later on in life. We visited each other back on campus and really we had fun.

We graduated since the years had come to pass. We started living together and we had also informed our parents about our forthcoming marriage. Things worked out up to three months in our relationship until we started having some wrangle. Since I was one year old from campus, I had not gotten such a good job and so I did not have that good money at that particular moment.

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My lover started having some affairs with other richer men than me just because they had a very
good source of income than I had. She at times came home with gifts and other materials that she had been bought by her sponsors. I did not confront her directly for I did not want to spark any kind of argument with her. At times I would do basic house chores like cooking and washing utensils since she was used to coming late.

One day she came home late and when I confronted her she said she had gotten a lucrative job in a popular restaurant in town. She used to leave very early in the morning and always came home at late hours. One day I wanted to verify where she really worked. When she walked out of the house, and I was by her back. Surprisingly a Toyota land cruiser came and she later boarded.

It was just a clear indication that was the man who was pondering on my stuff. I followed them
using a motorbike, they entered a certain restaurant. I watched them from a distance and they were
clearly having some fun.

I really wanted to find if she worked in that restaurant as she had really told me but things were just not adding up. After a while, they went on in a room holding each other’s hand and there I made a conclusion that they must have gone to have some sex. It was really a sadistic moment in my life. I went back home and she really came the usual late-night hours.

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This time round I had evidence that she had a date with such a big old man. I tried to ask her how the job was and she
said it was just a pleasure only that their boss was a little stubborn than usual. I tried to ask her to reveal her working documents and identities but she refused. Life was such boring and I felt in a deep depression at that particular moment. One day she had delayed coming home and I had made my mind I was to commit suicide for I had bought all the tools.

When I was just about to kick the stool I was hanging on Fred came in and I shared my story to him where he said he had a solution to my despair. The next day he took me to herbalists called Kiwanga doctors in Kericho. I was assessed and later attended to. They assured me that would be the end of my problems. When I went back home Maureen apologized to me and said she had actually not gotten a job but she was just playing me around. She promised to be loyal and later I forgave her.

From that day she has never thought of the games again. We later got lucrative jobs where I was
a communication strategist while she was a bank manager in town.

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