How I won a lucrative 2M job after a troubling Contractor work

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Working as a contractor can sometimes be hectic. This is according Josiah, a building and constructions graduate who has been unable to secure a job, despite looking for openings across the city.

”I had studied in building and construction. I thought people lied when they said that hustling life was such a difficult task. Till when I finished my studies, where I came to understand this statement. I had all the skills in building and construction but the problem was getting the jobs at this particular time. Expected I would get ready-made contracts but all was in vein since the building field was so dry,” he says.

Coming from a poor background, the young graduate had no connections to help him secure any job, and those that he found, he was always asked to part with hundreds of thousands of shillings as bribes. His friends with whom he had studied, on the other hand, were lucky to have gotten places of work.

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”The work that was available at that time was only through connection and was for the chosen few at any particular time. I used to get very few jobs like a mere construction worker and at times with very little pay. This did not give such morale of prospering in the field at a glance. Friends that we studied with at the university all clinched top
most building contracts while still, I was in darkness at that particular time,” he continues.

The 22-year-old explains, his situation of being broke and jobless started affecting his relationship with those around him including close family members.

”My close family relatives at times said that I had been cured hence my situation. I did not easily lose hope for I continued to push on for I hoped once I would get a bumper deal at any particular time. People are always negative and so I realized if I continued listening to their stories, I would do nothing at any particular time. I told myself that I was living my own life and I wanted no one to come and show me how to live. Due to the difficult situation, I was not even able to pay my bills at any particular time for I even lacked the money to pay my rent and meet my basic needs. I knew one day things would work out and it was just a matter of time before life had a turnaround. My started hating me for there was no flow of money hence she could not maintain her hair, dress expensively like other fellow woman and so on,” Josiah says.

Despite getting a small construction job from a Portuguese who was building a home in his neighborhood the situation was not any different.

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”Life had really struck me with a force that really needed intervention maybe from the ancestors. After a span of eight months passed, I got a small contact at an estate about constructing a house belonging to a Portuguese who lived in the country. Within the first four months, he really paid well but when the job was nearing to end the guy did not pay even a single coin. Each time we demanded, the owner called the police and we were chased away,” he says.

However, things took a different route when he met Sam, a former colleague at the university who linked him up with Kiwanga consultants. Having known their services, and worked previously with them, his friend took him to Kericho to meet the consultants and get help.

”His life seemed to have changed. I told him about the hard part of life I was going through but he laughed and told me that was too shallow to Kiwanga doctors for they would solve that within few days. So the next morning we visited
Kiwanga doctors’ offices in Kericho County. They severely evaluated me and at the same time, I was attended to. They really promised I was going to really get a lucrative contract as soon as possible. I had hope in them since Sam had narrated to me all the testimonials of people who had the same problem including him but at last, they all made it.”

After the visit, Josiah says it did not take a week before receiving a call of winning a tender he had been following upon.

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”Three days after a tour to Kiwanga doctors, I was called that I had been offered a contract worth two million Kenyan shillings. At first, I did not believe it but the next day I went and done my quotation. It was just a repair in one the influential political class in the country. Within one month I had finished the work. From that time, lucrative contracts always came by my side. I later started my own construction company.”

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