How my online business got successful while still in campus

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Every person strives to be independent and get money while still young, something that is not as easy. However, there are those who manage to. Anne who started off in online marketing is now an established entrepreneur making handsome profits while still in campus.

”Online marketing was the job I used to do while still at campus. Most of the time when I had no classes I would post several products online so that to market them. My clients wanted me to market for them their stuff. I loved the venture because I had a huge following on social media handles,” she says.

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By good luck, money started flowing in her business every day, and she had become an influencer who would be approached by different brands to help push their brands online.

”Shortly, my colleagues would wonder how I managed such a good life at campus level keeping in mind life was not easy for many of them. At times, I would do the business on free service as I wanted to market myself out there. This work really required zeal and patience since at times I would encounter challenges while dealing with clients, she continues.

She further notes it was not easy but she kept pushing. Some of her clients would not pay for deliveries and losses came in every month but she kept pushing on.

”Some individuals would call me a scammer since they knew anyone who does online business is not genuine. They didn’t know I was different and out to earn an honest living from what I sold. I didn’t give up because I had no other alternative. It looked like my calling.”

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One day, while meeting a client who was impressed with her work, Anne was introduced to Kiwanga , a traditional consultant and herbalist who had helped other business people like her make their enterprises even better. The client assured her a visit to the doctors would be impactful to her business.

”He then gave me Dr. Kiwanga contact information and after sometimes I met him. A week later, I had started having a lot of buyers calling in every day. Sales went up and profits tripled. It was an amazing experience. Within no time I had become so much popular to the extent I would make thousands of money despite still in campus,” Anne recalls.

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Today, she says she makes an average of 1.5 million shillings per month. Her sales have tripled, with some of her friends claiming she gets her money from old men and sponsors and not her online business.

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