How my son beat alcohol and drug addiction

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Drug addiction is growing into being a huge problem, especially with the pandemic. . We had a chance of talking to a parent whose son was immersed in using illegal substances, and this had her worried about what the future of his son, Ernest would be like.

”Sometimes it is saddening to see your child whom you banked on for future support turn out just something else,” he says. This is not just a preserve of one family but happens to many families.

Three months after joining secondary school, Ernest was expelled from his school over what the institution said was involved in illegal activities after being busted with drugs with other students.

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”He was busted smoking bhang with colleagues. I never believed it for I knew my son was such a good person and a child who exhibited high levels of personal morals. It was unbelievable,” the parent says.

Following the expulsion, Ernest had to be transferred to another school, but, he was caught up with the same problems again, drinking alcohol in school.

”I started spying his behavior just to find out whether he was really smoking and by so doing I busted him in his room with almost six rolls of bhang stashed in his bag. I couldn’t believe this was my own blood. In our family no one behaves this way,” he adds.

Overwhelmed with the unfolding of events, Ernest’s father consulted with close friends and family members who advised him to move him to a day school where he would easily monitor the son every day.

” He however went on with his behavior. He was even taking alcohol and so he dropped out of school. It was really a disturbing thing to ever happen into my life keeping in mind he was my only son and our only child we had hopes with.”

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With the continued consum[tion of these illegal substances, Ernest became addicted and efforts by the father to make his reform hit a brick wall. Addiction came with hostility and most of the time it was directed to his parents. It was after this that Ernest’s parents were referred to Kiwanga doctors, who did an amazing job helping their son recover from the bondage of drugs.

”Someone who heard about our story send us a link from a website of Doctor Kiwanga. We read the details and we felt amazed with the testimonies. They had helped so many families solve this challenge easily. We also took our son
to him for assistance,” the parent confides to us.

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When they paid a visit to Kiwanga, Ernest was given traditional medicine and within just three days, he was not smoking and back to normal senses. Today, he is in school and now working towards his dream of becoming an engineer someday.

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