How I escaped the debts burden and its trap

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We meet Mercy from Embu, a young woman, in her late 30s. With only a salary of sh 45,000, she would use it to settle all the debts hanging on her neck and have nothing left.

”I so much hated this life since I also wanted to use my money to do one or two things that would change my life just like my friends had cars and good homes,” she narrates.

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Her borrowing ranged from loans from the banks, SACCOS, and even from shylocks
around her town.

”This was really a tough time in my life. After repaying my loans, most of the times I would only remain with a paltry sh 3000 which would not be enough for my survival hence I was forced to pick another loan to cater for my basics. Taking loans for my own use was a bad decision but for my case, it was inevitable,” she continues.

When the year began, she had resolutions of not living on borrowed cash, and so she decided to use other avenues to get money to splurge.

”I started looking for a solution to solve my problem since this was not the life I was living was not the best for me. At times I would take my belonging like the TV set and the home theatres just for loans, ” she says, considering her money lending options were exhausted and was now being avoided.

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”I had borrowed from almost all loan lending Apps and repaid none. My friends had known me to be a serial borrower each particular time hence they never wanted to have some good time with me. Simply put, they would
avoid me.”

It was after one of her close friends introduced her to Dr. Kiwanga that she really got to know what was the problem, and helped her find a solution.

”I actually had not heard of him. Good luck, and doors started opening. It was the portions. His herbs too. Which ensured my frequent dependence on loans came to a sudden stop.

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”That end month after I had come from Dr Kiwanga things really changed. That month I survived without
depending on any borrowing. Further, I was able to manage my little salary without
even taking a single loan for a boost. Any person who has similar problems should give them a try,” she notes.

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