How a Bishop was Almost Stoned after being Caught sucking a Choir Member’s Private Parts

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Recent cases where religious leaders have been found in one way or another having sex with their church members have become very rampant. This habit should always be castigated with all the due voice since they are viewed as

the role models of society and the forerunners of God.

Bishops and pastors are the role models who guide different people into salvation hence they should take the authority bestowed on them very seriously.

This case left people confused and divided with some alluding that the Bishop went overboard on his role while others stood by him.

In a certain Church in Lavington, Nairobi, a bishop made headlines after he was allegedly caught casting out demons from his church choir member. The choir member had told him that she needed much intervention in the singing field hence the Bishop saw the only way to empower the lady and cast away demons by having sex with her.

The lady had been seen in the bishop’s office for sometimes and clearly there was an indication that something was going on. According to the choir leader, their member informed them she had gone to have a morning devotion with the bishop for that day adding that she really felt she had no power to dictate the airwaves by singing as usual.

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That’s when one of the church members heard a woman say “harder bishop” as she really enjoyed being banged raw. This incident happened before the morning service and so it had really ruined the order of the day since the other church members turned to be chaotic.

The choir members ended up stripping their bishop naked and canned him with no mercy. Others stoned him while saying they were to teach him a lesson that he was not to forget any time soon. Surprisingly, the bishop had five condoms in his pocket which was a clear indication that the two were really enjoying sex.

The husband to the choir member intervened and told the mob that everything was in control as he had protected his wife from cheating. He added that renowned herbalists in town had given him some treatment. He said that these herbalists were called Kiwanga doctors and soon the bishop was to face the consequences of enjoying his fruit at that particular time.

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Two days later the bishop who was being held at a certain police station had maggots coming out of his manhood. This was just but a clear indication that what the husband to church member said was pure truth. When the police in the cells saw this, they had to call the husband to the choir member without wasting time. The husband was there and called Kiwanga doctors for a solution.

Kiwanga doctors insisted that the bishop was to pay an amount of Sh45,000 to have a sigh of relief. The bishop arranged on how to pay the amount and after a period of 3 hours, the bishop’s wife was at the police station with the money ready to send to Kiwanga doctors to turn things back to normal.

Later Kiwanga doctors ensured the Bishop was okay. From that day the bishop changed his career to a matatu driver. The choir member has never cheated since the incident occurred.

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