Ole Kina: I will push for legalization of weed with no apology

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Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina says he will continue in his push to have the use of marijuana, popularly known as weed legalized. In a tweet responding to one of his tweeps who took an issue with an image he used on a post reacting to the thrown-out BBI appeal, the senator had some words to those against his pro-weed campaign.

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”A whole leader pushing bhangi on new media, in a country full of angry, stressed, broke, jobless, impressionable youth,” Benji Ndolo wrote. A response that provoked the youthful senator who said he was unapologetic and will continue with his agenda.

”Yes and I will continue pushing for its legalization without any apology! The day you get elected even as MCA is the day you will learn until then..” he responded.

In November last year, Senator Ole Kina caused a stir when he claimed over 80 percent of legislators in Parliament smoke bhang.

”Let me not kid you. Right now, in parliament, probably 80 percent of the lawmakers smoke marijuana,” the Narok senator told Spice FM.

”There are indeed so many benefits and I think it’s just about the time we become more liberal to look at how is it we can survive. We are only poor because we believe certain things are immoral,” he added.

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Even though castigated in our communities and outlawed by the state, the plant is used for medical purposes and treats conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, reducing cancer pain, and that of multiple sclerosis.

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