Monitor Raila and Azimio Rallies, State told

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The country’s intelligence community has apprised President William Ruto to keep an eye on the ongoing Opposition rallies, led by Raila Odinga, warning him the gatherings if not well handled, are likely to mutate into a larger political movement that is not easy to contain.

A source who spoke to this publication on condition of anonymity says top state security agencies are closely monitoring the rallies and that the government is keen on finding the most appropriate way to stop Mr. Odinga without turning the state machinery on him.

”The government is not likely to face him (Raila) head-on. Using state machinery to stop him will only endear him to the people. However, he must be stopped or else it will be hard to govern Kenya by July,” the source says.

In his passionate speech titled ‘The Kibra Declaration’ yesterday, Odinga accused the head of state of double standards in the fight against tax evasion and corruption, citing the recent multi-billion shilling corruption charges involving President Ruto’s allies which have in recent days been dropped.

Further, the opposition leader said Ruto should respect Mama Ngina for her contribution during the struggle for independence.

”Yesterday, Mama Ngina came out to speak on the issue because they really insulted her. She was arrested during Mau Mau and spent time in Kamiti. You have no respect yet she is the age of your grandmother, Odinga lamented.

Rising cost of living dominated the agenda with several speakers pointing out that prices of several key commodities has risen steadily under the Kenya Kwanza administration.

Calls for an end to electoral fraud also made it to the agenda with speakers insisting that Odinga’s victory was stolen by compromised IEBC staff.

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