Azimio Coalition and Kenya Kwanza: A case of two completely different campaigns

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Anyone Can Go To America And Come Back With A Professor Title,’ Wetangula Slams Makau Mutua.

That was the news headline coming from Trans-Nzoia County, where the remaining key Kenya Kwanza leader in the country (with Ruto still in the US talking about zero fair elections in Kenya) was holding a rally.

Moses Wetangula was taking his sweet time to tell the people of Trans-Nzoia how Makau Mutua’s title will affect their lives.

Who needs a professor when you have Wetangula who was in the third year when Makau Mutua was a first-year student at the university? Maybe a little bit more relevant is, how does Mutua’s professorship or lack thereof impact the lives of the voters Wetangula was talking to in Trans-Nzoia?

Voters who need jobs need food, need healthcare services, want to figure out how to make a living, want to be able to pay school fees for their kids, and a million other immediate things facing them in their daily lives.

They just don’t care about how many professors Wetangula wants to fight. It is none of their many problems.

And above all else, they want an end to stealing of their public moneys so their needs can be met.

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Aren’t those a few of the things Wetangula and his crew should be talking about with the voters? I would suppose Moses the Bungoma Senator as a veteran politician knows about all these.

Tell us how Kenya Kwanza will end corruption and we are going to be all ears.

Same with Azimio Coalition. Kenyans will not accept vague promises of fighting corruption. They want tangible plans and action. The EACC seems to be overwhelmed with corruption cases. So far only one judge Lawrence Mugambi seems to be doing all EACC cases. This needs to be fixed.

EACC investigators are key to nailing the thieves of our public money. Shoddy investigations have more often than not let a lot of corrupt politicians stealing our money off the hook.

Yes, the executive does not influence the actions and decisions of the judiciary including the EACC judges, but for God’s sake, it is the job of the executive to provide funding to hire investigators and also to hire competent staff at institutions like DCI.

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In most cases as soon as the thieves are arrested the case is over. Either evidence is messed up or the rich thieves keep postponing the case for ten years.

Pursuing political thieves in our country is a practical joke and it needs to be fixed. The judiciary will do their job and the executive must do theirs. Kenyans want to hear the plans from both coalitions on how they intend to tackle corruption in Kenya.

Without tackling corruption we have no money so anybody promising billions here and there is lying to Kenyans unless we end corruption. Now, where is the plan from Raila Odinga and William Ruto? Put it on the table. Let Kenyans have that discussion now.

Kenya Kwanza has been talking about Kalonzo and nothing else in three days of rallies from Kisii to now Trans-Nzoia. What does Musyoka Kalonzo have to do with what Kenya Kwanza wants to offer Kenyans which they don’t seem to want to talk about? Is everybody in Kenya Kwanza now bored to death with the bottoms-up meaningless sloganeering?

According to news reports, Ford-Kenya party leader Moses Wetangula has hit back at Prof. Makau Mutua over recent remarks in which he dismissed Kalonzo Musyoka’s chances of defeating former premier Raila Odinga in the race to State House.

Mutua, in an interview on Wednesday, opined that Odinga’s political experience trumps that of the Wiper party boss therefore it is only logical that Kalonzo should support the ODM leader’s presidential bid and not the other way round.

According to Wetangula, despite holding a professor title, Mutua does not have enough political experience to chime in on matters politics.

As such, the Bungoma Senator stated that Prof. Mutua should refrain from castigating Kalonzo for coming out to criticize Odinga for allegedly not keeping his promise to endorse him at this year’s elections.

“Huyo kijana anakutusi is a very junior lawyer. He was in first year when I was in third year and he has never had anything to distinguish him as a lawyer. Anyone can go back to America and come back calling himself a professor,” Wetangula said during a Kenya Kwanza alliance political rally held at Trans Nzoia County on Thursday.

“Those dubious professorship gives nobody a license to be rude to others. Bwana Mutua you being with Raila Odinga does not give you the license to besmirch, abuse and degrade Kalonzo Musyoka.”

Wetangula correspondingly stated that he will continue defending Kalonzo owing to his proven track record of leading the country as retired president Mwai Kibaki’s deputy.

“Ndugu Kalonzo najua wewe ni rafiki yangu sana na mimi nilisikitika kuona some upstart professor akizungumza mambo machafu juu yako. I stand here as your long-time friend to defend you,” he added.

He similarly urged Kalonzo to ignore calls by the Azimio la Umoja coalition to join the outfit, instead advising him to join the Kenya Kwanza alliance which he confidently underscored would form the next government.

“Tuko tayari kufanya kazi na Kalonzo Musyoka to boost our numbers na wewe ukimkosea Kalonzo Musyoka heshima unawakosea wakenya heshima,” said Wetangula.

On the opposite side, Raila Odinga is on a marathon run of campaigns that started in Nakuru County and is now headed to Bungoma.

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Raila’s Azimio rallies in Nakuru started with the typical Raila method of interacting with voters. Raila prefers to go to different community meeting points and travelling across the country rather than holding a single rally.

In Nakuru county, Raila and the Azimio team held rallies in Elburgon, Njoro, Molo, and Nakuru city.

In Njoro and Molo Raila was talking about developing agricultural zones. He talked about issues facing farmers like high fertilizer prices and lack of food storage facilities which apparently is wrecking havoc in the area resulting in a lot of food wasted.

In Nakuru City where Azimio held their big rally, the leaders talked about factories including agriculture-related factories like food processing and value addition.

From Nakuru, the Azimio team took off and held several rallies in Nyamira and Kisii counties interacting with Azimio Coalition political leaders in the area which was pretty remarkable and putting their agenda before the voters.

Raila stated quite clearly that his agenda with Azimio Coalition is to build a united, peaceful, and prosperous country and that is the message they have been pounding on at every stop.

How that is going to happen is what Kenyans want to know as they get ready for the polls on August 9, 2022.

“My agenda is to see a united, peaceful, and prosperous country.” Raila has asserted several times.

The leaders also drummed up support for the ODM leader saying he is the best for the country. And that is the message Raila and Azimio took to Nakuru, Kisii and Nyamira counties.

It is pretty obvious as Kenyans make their decisions on who and which coalition to vote for, they are listening to what the aspirants are saying to them. Let us listen and act accordingly.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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