A disease with no cure

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I watched my little toddler struggling for life in the hospital, I could feel tense, worried, and tired but there was nothing I could do. They could laugh with their hearts and laugh with their eyes, I could see them by the hospital doors, with pretense to care but they never cared. Four months now, but my little baby wasn’t okay at all, she had been diagnosed with tuberculosis and I only stood to the question, where did that disease come from.

Doctors from different hospitals had tried it all but I could see no change at all. The prolonged cough and poor dieting had been intense. Every night I sat by the bedside silent in prayer, and I could find myself arguing with God, was this a long-term disease, was it going to end at all, and if it was to end then when was the day.

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I moved from hospital to hospital looking for a better one but I couldn’t find any. I searched from hills and rivers of lowland country, hunger drove me into the world, I tried hard to fill my mind with hopes. The road there was long and winding, and stormy waves barred my paths. Every little seemed a lot this time but this was clearly an end to my search.

I could look at my baby and find myself thinking this was the end, was she going to die or live. My little child must live, live free from all this pain. But where was I going to find the best place to fix all this. I had tried different witch doctors from county to county, tried different herbs, prayers, pills but I couldn’t see a change in all that. She got thin, lost all her appetite and she couldn’t eat at all. I used all my money, all my savings for the hospital bills. I even went ahead and got loans from different institutions with hopes that I would pay in a year’s time yet I knew I wasn’t going to raise huge amounts of money in a short period of time.

I could see her moan in pain and agony, I could picture how she felt, heartaches, lungs pant, short of air, dry throat, mention it all. Her cries, pains made me have sleepless nights. In hopes of easing her suffering, and immediately my eyes would fall on a poster: “Corpses for pick up between three and four”and my heart would skip a bit, was she going to die like them, was she even going to be better.

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My works mates and friends would visit us in the hospital. They would try to cheer her up but she couldn’t even laugh I tried to tickle her up, she wouldn’t even force a smile, and they could talk about her progress and behavior among themselves but I knew there wasn’t any positive progress at all. A doctor tried to reassure my family even though recovery is unlikely.

All this time my husband had left me. He had left me this burden, I could see him in the streets drunk, dirty, and I always wondered why did he have to use all his money to buy alcohol yet my child was in her death bed. Time passed an every day was even worse than the previous one. I had sold all my electronics, all my sofas and there wasn’t
anything left for me at all.

I used to work at a certain company in town but few months after my child got ill I stopped going to work, I couldn’t go to work and let my child be alone. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months and I could see myself losing it all. It was a fine morning when I received a call from one of my former workmates who informed me about Kiwanga doctors and how they could heal any type of disease. Was this going to be my luck, was this going to work this time.

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I finally gained my hopes and called the Kiwanga doctors who gave me medicine and promised me it would heal my daughter. Five days after she took the medicine she started getting well and before ten days were over my baby girl was healed. Thanks to Kiwanga Doctors for restoring my husband and my marriage too.

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