How I was After Debtors Just 5 Days after Earning High Salary

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I was an engineer at a local engineering firm in Nairobi. I was the second-ranked in the firm so tenders had to pass through me for signatures. I was still young about 23 years and with no family. I lived as a bachelor in a flat in the Runda Estate, Nairobi. Money was actually not the problem. I was earning Sh300,000 a month including allowances. I lived lavishly and at times I would take breakfast at 5-star hotels and sleep there.

I had no responsibility at all. As time went by I was promoted to the managing director of the engineering firm and my salary was double that figure. Being young and earning such a double-figure really hiked my pride. At times I would step on women selling vegetables in the market and pay all the damages at the spot. I really flossed. But the only thing I did not have was a vehicle. I rarely recycled my clothing. I employed two chefs at my house, a house that I never
spent time in.

As time went by, I would even sleep with 5 prostitutes on a single night since money was there. On average one whore would walk out with my clean Sh20,000 per service. I had no side hustle set aside. I would buy crates of alcohol and my house was just like a club. Everyone knew I was rich so they gave me the respect I deserved at any moment. As time went by, I realized I was spending a lot. I was an alcoholic addict and would drink alcohol in the morning and get to the office high. Since I was the manager, I knew no one would touch me.

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After sometimes I realized I was spending excessively. Five days after payday, I had nothing on me. Either I had paid whores, drunk some and others I was coned in daily pleasure moments. This happened for a while but really I was not changing. Being a drunkard is what could have hurt me a lot. I did not pay my rent, buy clothes nor even take care of my aging parents back in the village.

This happened for a long time. I would look for shylocks and offer them my credentials like my TV set for loans. I really did not understand what had gone astray with me. I sold almost everything valuable in my house. Loans had pilled. My house had only remained with one stool as I had even sold my beddings. My chefs had taken me to court for failing to pay for their services. Furthermore, they had gone since they were not doing anything in an empty house. Even rats sidelined my house because there was nothing to fill their stomachs, so they opted for greener pastures.

It was a shame and days later I was sacked by the firm. I went upcountry to live with my parents for I would not have remained in the city lest I died of hunger. East or west home was the best, a quote that a fool like me would remember. People in my village isolated me at large. When they saw me walk by, I would hear them whisper in low tones that I was the guy who was once an engineer but squandered all his salary.

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Some would even mock me by asking me if I could construct feeder roads by the village which were in bad states. Days passed by but I had seen no sign of hope yet. Farming was not my portion for I had never even touched a Jembe nor a panga or seedlings.

After some time, I met Kim, a friend who had visited his parents. He was a doctor and he was shocked to see my appearance keeping in mind he knew I was an engineer in the capital. He told me he wanted to build a house and was looking for an engineer.

Kim seemed really upset by how I appeared. He said he had an endless solution. The solution was to take me to Kiwanga Doctors and since I had no option we went to their offices the next morning. I was well attended to and later went back home. After three days, I got a call from my former firm. I was going back to my job. Kiwanga magic had really worked. My salary was now Sh600,000 shillings. Within months I opened my firm for now I had an investment mentality.

I really thank Kiwanga Doctors for their help. Kim had said he wanted his house constructed and so I did
the job in 4 months’ time which earned me more tenders. Credit to Kiwanga doctors. Anyone with problems of managing his/her salary should visit Kiwanga Doctors for they are gurus in solving them just in three days’ time. They also treat good luck, bad luck, promotion to work among others. They also solve love spells; money spells just to mention a few.

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