”You are a mopping rug,” my husband was irked by my shapeless figure

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We lived together with my husband where we used to love each other in our early stages of marriage. Life was awesome because we really complemented each other as true couples at a glance. Since I was a house wife I had no job so most of the time I remained indoors watching or just relaxing. I started gaining a lot of weight which made me become so lazy and shapeless due to junk food I used to consume each moment with zero exercise since I was a housewife at that particular time.

My husband was actually not happy with my new outlook. He said I was really not in the killer shape I was in when we first met. Since he was an event planner I seldom accompanied him to the events since he feared to introduce me to his friends. They would have busted with laughter as he said because actually, I appeared older than him. I appeared like his sugar mummy.

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Walking was a problem since I was just overweight with such a protruding tummy. Him leaving me behind each time he went to these events heart broke my heart since most of these events couples were recommended at any particular time since activities like dancing was meant for lovers. I really wondered who my husband did the dance with since I was not available. I even went to some point of thinking he had found some fit lady somewhere who really had an admirable shape to take up my space as his wife when it came to these events. Not that I really did not know how to dance, but my tummy would bounce hence no man would sustain being proud of me as the wife in such events.

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Since this had become too much, I came across Doctor Kiwanga website www.kiwangadoctors.com where there were many testimonials of people with problems similar to me who later benefited through the help of doctor Kiwanga. I went through and found a way of reaching doctor Kiwanga where this time round I called him by the mobile phone number displayed on the website. The next morning I traveled to doctor Kiwanga’s office in Kericho where I was attended to. I met several people who had a similar situation to what I had at Kiwanga doctors’ offices.

Unbelievably within three days when I returned back home, my husband had started to ask me what had really happened to me since I had lost much weight this time around plus my tummy had sunk vigorously. I had started regaining my shape back to normal.

He went to the extent of allowing me to accompany him to the events he was actually a planner in. It was really new dawn in our marriage. Many people who knew me before were extremely shocked since I had really changed a lot. Everyman looked at my adorable figure at the event in my husband’s company each moment. I really thank Kiwanga doctors for their assistance.

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