Man Behind Viral ‘Nitakufinya’ Phrase Takes Legal Action Against 3 Corporates Over Brand Misuse

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Aaron Asiba Matendechere, the man behind the viral “Nitakufinya” phrase has taken legal action against three corporates for using his brand without consent.

According to documents presented in court, Matendechere is suing the three corporates over brand misuse. He claims the companies used his images to push their brands without his consent.

Through his lawyer Tom Ojienda, Matendechere now wants the corporates involved, a local bank, a state corporation dealing with cereals and an iron sheet manufacturer to compensate him.

“Void of consent from the applicant to enable the respondent to act in such contemptuous manner amounts to an invasion of his privacy through misappropriation of his identity or likeness or persona,” read part of his court statement.

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The complainant further cites that the use of his images has affected him psychologically as most of his friends and families view him as rich yet he is wallowing in debts.

“The said actions have subjected me to psychological torture because the society, peers, associates, family, business partners and affiliates now perceive me to have gained financially. From the advertisements. I am living with apprehension that my creditors are on the verge of recovering their debts,” the documents added.

Matendechere became an overnight celebrity after a video he was featured in a few years back resurfaced.

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In the video, Matendechere was threatening his neighbor, Charles Musyoka who was commenting about the unauthorized power connections.

Comically, Matendechere passed by and made attempts to silence his neighbor by telling him to mind his business.

“Asiongee mambo ya stima. Aongee mambo engine. Mambo ya stima achia watu was stima waongee…wewe ambia serikali ikupatie kazi. Nitakufinya!” Matendechere said in the clip.

The video quickly gained momentum in July and went viral on social media. The duo in the video was interviewed by different platforms and even received sponsorships and endorsements.

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