Tuju: Chebukati and Guliye came to my house demanding bribes

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Raphael Tuju

Azimio Executive Director Raphael Tuju says IEBC Chair Wafula Chebukati and fellow Commissioner Prof Abdi Guliye paid him a visit to demand bribes in order to have the results of the Presidential elections swayed in a particular direction.

Speaking at a Press conference at Capitol Hill in Nairobi, Tuju also admitted Chebukati had planned a secret meeting with him at a location in Karen and dared the IEBC Chair to tell Kenyans what it was all about.

”I’d like to start by admitting that I was at Bomas of Kenya several times and the meeting which they say took place at 3 O’clock happened at 4am. In the meeting, we were ten of us in total and for him to claim that I made some offers to him it’s a tarradiddle. Petty lie. I want Chebukati to explain to Kenyans what we were discussing when he came to see me in a secret location in Karen,” Tuju said, while also explaining how futile his attempts to see Chebukati at the Bomas of Kenya during the election night were.

“I tried to access the Chairman I was physically blocked by Senior Police Officer Samuel Arap Kimeu. I had concerns when Chebukati made a ruling that all returning officers must see him first before the papers are verified on the floor. When I got access through the back door, his other officers told me he was busy and could not see me.”

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