Frightening Ruto mob already on a revenge mission. Could end very badly for them.

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Someone needs to tell the Ruto mob screaming at Kenyans and threatening civil servants and in fact public service in our country and everybody else who is not kneeling before their king that the election case is before the Supreme Court now and it looks pretty likely that the Chebukati’s results will be nullified.

Can Ruto and UDA wait for the next two weeks to get the SCOK to make a ruling before they can start strangling people and crashing their heads? That can wait a few weeks. If they win they will have years to carry out their revenge mission.

Ruto’s top gun Rigathi Gachagua behaving as if they are already running the country has been on a tear on everything. The other day he was ranting about Ruto not having a handshake government with Raila. This was after his boss had said talked about the same thing.

Who told these people that the Supreme Court case is about a handshake? The case is about blatantly rigged presidential elections which the SCOK has been asked to look at and make some decisions.

Now here is my worry for the likes of Gachagua and Ruto himself. On September 5, 2022, when the court declares the Chebukati results fake and therefore null and void they will be sweating in their asses asking if Raila after he wins will give them a handshake given all the legal nightmares they already had even before the elections.

I am glad the UDA chaps are busy condemning handshake now because many Kenyans would be concerned if Raila was to get through all these nightmares, become the president and then he holds a handshake with criminal elements to save them from dealing with their legal issues.

So please let Kenyans bury this handshake talk between politicians. The Kenyan people will have handshakes between themselves and live in harmony like they are doing right now as the UDA leaders threaten people whom they consider to be their enemies.

And then there is all the tribal talk from UDA “government” led by Gachagua himself saying today that 47% of Kikuyus voted for Ruto so they will be taken care of by Ruto.

So who else will be in this tribal-based government? Kalenjins voted for Ruto so they are in. Bungoma did well for Ruto and that means they are in with Moses Wetangula. Who else will be in that government of theirs? What happens to the rest of the country where people did not vote for Ruto? Will they be expelled to Uganda?

I would prefer Tanzania myself because that is where I first went into exile to escape the Moi tyranny after coming out of jail and the Moi torture chambers. When they came to pick me up again where I was working as a lecturer at the Nairobi Professional School my friend warned me and I sneaked through the back door leaving my students totally confused.

I still feel very bad for those students because these were accountants and people like that waiting to do their CPA exams and their lecturer jumps through the window, the next thing they read in the news is that he escaped to Tanzania and is a refugee with UNHCR there.

The reality is that serving Kenyans by their political leaders is not a favor to be handed to them based on their tribe and or vote. It is their right as citizens who pay taxes and work to enable the government to function.

There was fear that UDA could unleash a tribal wave should they come near power but nobody imagined it would be so rapid and almost a new religion.

From Bwana Asifiwe to Kabila Asifiwe is a pretty long stretch but it is possible the Bwana who is being Sifiwed is some tribalist hiding behind the Bible. Kenyans will figure that out pretty quick. Thank goodness for these fake election results for exciting so many people to expose themselves.

On the revenge talk polluting our political space with UDA threats, these people have failed to learn from President Mwai Kibaki 2002 which could have helped them. Kibaki came to power when Kenyans were totally sick of Moi’s 24 years in government and all the crimes he had committed against Kenyans and the country as a whole.

If Kibaki was some foolish vengeful leader he would have gone hard on Moi and his cohorts like William Ruto who had killed Kenyans fighting for multi-party detained hundreds of people and opened a torture chamber at Nyayo House where they tortured people sometimes to death. And then the theft of public funds that dragged the country to its knees. Kibaki did none of that revenge stuff. He realized right off the bat that he had a country to run.

Kibaki hardly even ever talked about Moi and his lunatic boys. Now these UDA chaps get a little window opened for them by Chebukati and in just one week they have declared war on their so-called enemies and brought tribalism to the table.

You open that box my friends you cannot close it. That will happen with time and by the will of the people. You are lucky because you are going to see how it works.

It is a good thing Azimio is not telling us which tribe voted for them and which tribe did not because that does not matter to Kenyans. You bring this kind of stuff my friends and you are looking at a re-run you are killing yourselves. You are giving Kenyans an opportunity to see who you really are. If that frightens them your political hopes of winning the re-run a slimmer than you might imagine.

Then there have been some very strange revelations on the SCOK case and it looks like Kenyans are going to be treated to a thrilling case at the court.

Raphael Tuju

Raphael Tuju was cited in an affidavit by Chebukati to the Supreme Court as one of the Azimio leaders who met him at Bomas during the tallying and the IEBC chairman claimed that Tuju and other Azimio leaders met him and other commissioners and asked him to “moderate” the results in favour of Raila. That is a pretty serious accusation.

Now Tuju has opened the window on what happened and according to him they met at 4 am and wanted some clarification on from 34s that will being altered before being put on the IEBC system.

According to Tuju they never got anywhere on that issue and when the Azimio Executive Director left he met Kenya Kwanza leaders Veronica Maina and Josephat Nanok waiting at the door to meet Chebukati and they went into a locked room with the IEBC chairman. We don’t know about the details of these meetings but they are going to come out during the hearing.

The scary part of Tuju’s statement is that Chebukati had convened a secret meeting with him in Karen to talk about the tallying business. Tuju didn’t tell us what transpired in that meeting but that is going to be in his affidavit to the court because he has an obligation to file one since he has been brought into the case by the IEBC chairman.

The worrying part here is that Chebukati brought the issue of Tuju meeting him at Bomas to ask him to alter the results but he never told the court and Kenyans that he had convened his own secret meeting with Tuju. Why? Most likely because whatever came out of that meeting may not be helpful to Chebukati in the case before the court. But this says a lot about the IEBC chairman and it makes him look like a very devious dude who was and still is on a mission. All that is coming to the court.

Tuju also brought in the issue that two IEBC commissioners, Abdi Guliye and Molu Boya visited him at his home in Karen to discuss issues related to the election. Incidentally, those two are the co-conspirators in the Chebukati rigging scam which is exploding in the face of Kenyans.

He termed the discussion they had with the commissioners as more of with ‘auctioneers’ rather than commissioners. Tuju will give the facts of that meeting in his affidavit and at the hearing.

Tuju said that he is willing to present CCTV cameras from his house in the event the commissioners deny the allegations.

“I want them to say they never came to my house I will take the CCTV to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) in case they say they never came to my house, because to my house they came,” Tuju said.

Now here is the other problem. Abdi Guliye in his affidavit to the Supreme Court was the first to bring the issue of Tuju coming to Bomas to meet them and making the claim that this was to influence the IEBC to change results. Guliye forgot to tell the court in his affidavit is that he and another IEBC commissioner had met with Tuju at his home to discuss election result tallying at Bomas. What was the meeting at Tuju’s house about?

From all sides, we can see that there is going to be a toxic stew at the hearing and some people drown in there. That is their problem to deal with.

The other thing we learnt yesterday from the Juliana Cherera, IEBC vice chairperson, which was later accepted by Chebukati is that the presidential vote results from 27 constituencies were never announced. That is 10% of the national vote. Were those votes included in the tally because for example one of the constituencies not announced was Ndhiwa constituency where 90,000 people voted on August 9, 2022?

Only Chebukati knows what happened to those votes and there were obviously not vetted or verified by the commissioners as required for the votes to go into the IEBC system.

The one we all have to realize is that the Supreme Court has only two weeks to complete the hearing and make a ruling. Azimio has to pay great attention to that and focus on the main issues first and not allow people to come for two days to tell their stories.

The single main issue here is what position each of the seven commissioners took on the IEBC results announced by Chebukati and why did they take whatever stand they took and what was their vote on those results as announced. That is the real case before the court. Once it is resolved the rest is gravy.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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