Sad: A bunch of kids viciously assault a young girl and come to court in UDA colours

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The yellow masks were donated by an official from UDA.

If these boys think this dressing up in political gear is funny they are lucky my mother is not here anymore.

She would have whipped their asses right there in court and told them to wake up before handing them back to the judge to do the rest.

These are the notorious boda boda terrible young boys who were physically undressing and assaulting a young woman and yanking her out of her car in the streets of Nairobi having already caused grievous bodily harm to her when her leg was broken when they hit her car.

This was a horrific act captured on video by someone who was nearby. People are disgusted about what happened to that young woman.

Now, these very cruel young men come to court wearing political colours may be because they think somebody out there could allow wanton mayhem in the country and that is now the thing for young people or these boys are still acting up and putting a show for fun after attacking that young woman.

It is some kind of a movie for them. Maybe in their world now they are heroes having done what they did in front of people.

Do they need punishment? Yes, and they are going to get it. They are not Okoth Obado and family.

Okoth Obado has been accused of committing crimes that are impossible to comprehend like ripping baby out of the mother’s belly with unthinkable cruelty, killing the mother because she is guilty of having a baby with Okoth Obado, stealing 2.6 billion of government money and after all that still governor, still earning money, still driving a government limousine for years since the crimes were committed. And if you touch him it is political interference.

So these young men as tough as they think they are will get what is coming to them and they should without delay. For Okoth Obado that is another story altogether.

To the Sharon family, we wish you well at such hard times for you with those pictures being displayed in court during the ongoing hearing of the case. God bless you. We are with you. Take heart

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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